Surrender Let go Acceptance

Sedona is changing in many ways, just like we do as people. It is going through a growth period of building more hotels and resorts. For some people these changes are hard to understand as many feel it takes away from the Sedona vortex and spiritual energy here. What you feel in Sedona (or anywhere else) is a reflection of your own inner state. No matter what comes up emotionally or mentally for you, is exactly what you need to do your inner work on. There is always a letting go of old beliefs and concepts.

Sedona is still a place for spiritual growth and meditation. It’s a place that elicits wonder and awe. Wonder and awe are already present within you, but covered over by your conditioned mind’s desire to keep you in the dark. When you are in a place like Sedona it can elicit the best in you.

I speak a lot about choosing Higher Self over our conditioned mind or ego self.
The ego mind can be really insidious in distracting us. There is usually a subtle, or not so subtle energy of wanting things to be different. If only this one thing would be different I could focus more on God. If only this one thing could change, my life would be better. There is discontent, bemoaning one’s fate or situation. Almost content but still holding onto life being better.

There can be massive resistance to change your attention to your Higher Self. To focus on our Higher Self would mean we’re accepting our life as it is, which we’re feeling at this moment isn’t ok.

Then comes the big lie, that to accept life as it is now, means we are stuck with things as they are. The fact is, the more we find fault with life and want things to change, or bemoan our life we get to have more of it.

We’ve all heard it before, what we resists persists. Unfortunately true. It seems like it is a big effort to choose our Higher Self over our fears, but it’s just a big decision.

Accepting things as they are, really being ok with life as it shows up, is what can bring inner peace. This also can bring new experiences that we are wanting.

There is a story I love from the Mahabharata, an epic story in Indian Scripture. In this story Draupadi is the wife of the Pandava brothers, (long story why she has more than one husband) was lost in a gambling game. Her husband Yudhisthira had a gambling issue. His last weakness in his life, anyway he lost everything the family owned. In an attempt to win it all back, he gambled his wife Draupdai. Of course he had no right to gamble a human, but this is how the story goes. Alas he lost her too! So here he is defeated and his wife now at the hands of a merciless man Duryodhana.

Duryodhana decides to disrobe her of her silks and put her in servants clothing and started pulling on her sauri. She held on to her sauri for dear life, crying and begging the men around her to protect her honor. They could not.

Meanwhile back in the heavens Lord Krishna’s consort was watching this disaster unfold. She implored Krishna to help Draupadi (a devotee of Krishna’s) since she was in trouble. His answer was he could not help her until she called on him. The struggle continued Draupadi holding on to her sauri with all of her might. Begging the men around her to help. Lord Krishna’s consort continued to beg him to do something! And he continued to say he could not help until she surrendered, until she called on him.

Finally Draupadi realizes she cannot do this without the Lord, and she lets go of the sauri and starts to chant Lord Krishna’s name. She let go and she surrendered to the moment being what is. She surrendered to her Higher Self.

Now Krishna came running to her rescue. He flew to her side and as Duryodhana continued to pull on her sauri it became miles and miles of fabric, a never ending flow of fabric. Finally from shear exhaustion Duryodhana let go and Draupadi was granted a boon. She asked for the freedom of herself and her husbands.

So not only was her honor saved but everything in her world turned around for the better.

I love this story. It shows when we really let go inwardly to our Higher Self a true surrender and magic can happen. But we really have to step into trusting fully and letting go, not knowing what the outcome will be. Draupadi had no idea what would happen, she could have been disrobed and dishonored. Once we surrender fully it doesn’t really matter what happens, we are at peace.

Every moment is a moment of surrender. A moment of letting go of what we think we want into what actually is happening in this moment. Then watch the next moment unfold.

I’m looking forward to working with you and guiding you to your own transformations – transforming your relationships with the people in your life and with your own self, by tapping a deeper inner peace and a much quieter mind.

Vishali Shahin B.S., R.N.
Spiritual Mentor
Certified Meditation Teacher
Spiritual Journey Tour Guide
Quantum Touch Energy Healer