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If You Can Fish, You Can Meditate!  

Your Beginner’s Guide To Meditation,
The Easy Way To A Peaceful Mind.

The thing about meditation is actually just taking a few moments to do it. In this uplifting CD, you’ll have fun learning and realize meditation is easier than you ‘think’!

Medical studies have shown the benefits of meditation as a way of bringing down stress hormones back into normal range which promotes healing. Whether you would like to meditate for health or spiritual benefits, this CD is for you!

Vishali Shahin B.S., R.N. graduated from Syracuse University School of Nursing with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. She practiced nursing for 34 years, always keeping a lighthearted, compassionate spirit in working with her patients. During that time she was introduced to meditation and lived in India studying the spiritual aspects of meditation. She has been meditating for 30 years and finds meditation to be an invaluable and transformative part of her daily life. In 2013,  Vishali moved to Sedona, Arizona, where she now conducts spiritual tours and teaches meditation.  In this CD you will learn fun ways to quiet your mind, you’ll also get a new perspective of the ego mind and what its agenda really is. This will relieve stress and tension, and bring you back to your own inner peace which is always there.

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