Sedona Tours

Spiritual Vortex Tour

Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power center; recognized for the presence of powerful energy spots known as vortexes or vortices.

On this tour we’ll learn and directly experience that vortex energy, learn why we resonate with it so profoundly, how it pertains to our lives and most importantly, how to take this sacred energy home with you.

Reawaken your connection to yourself and bring it into your life. Whether you have a growing curiosity, or you are committed to grow more deeply in your own spirituality, this tour guides you to powerful energy spots, both outside yourself and within yourself.

It’s one thing to just experience the energy here, it’s another to really take this energy in to yourself and bring in home in a transformational way.

Spiritual Journey Tour

The Spiritual Journey Tour is a personalized tour that can address some of your more personal issues. Whether you are dealing with transition in your life, or just unsure of what is next for you, this tour will bring you back to your spiritual center.

This is also a tour for people who are opening to the deeper aspects of their spiritual life. There will be letting go and bringing in a new way of being. You will learn about what the minds job really is, and transform your relationship to it.  Find out how possible it is to choose your higher self over your ego self and to live with a quiet mind.

You will discover how your thoughts affect your energy field and simple ways of keeping your field strong.

There will be meditation, and if you are new to meditation you will learn how easy it actually is. There will be an experience of a Labyrinth which is a walking meditation which functions as a way to transcend our present level of consciousness. There may be a short Medicine Wheel ceremony if this seems to be part of your journey.

Couples Sacred Vortex Tour Sedona

Deepen your connection to each other and to the earth.  Masculine and feminine energies play an active role in our relationships.  Come see how they are expressed in nature and in our lives.

On this tour you will come away with a better understanding of the gender differences, and enhanced communication.  Some of the ways we naturally communicate may have us disagreeing with each other even though we are actually in agreement.

It’s fun to be aware of our gender communication styles!  You will have many aha moments leaving you experiencing  even more of the love and harmony that you share.

This is a 3.5-4 hour tour. We will stop at 3 stops.  We complete our tour by telling a beautiful story of a Native American couple whose story is seen in the Red Rocks.  This story encompasses everything we have experienced on the tour and wraps up our time together.

Beginning Meditation

Transform Your Relationship to Your Mind!

There are a variety of reasons people benefit from meditation.

There are many documented health benefits.Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation can help you learn to relax. The root cause of stress and tension is our feeling of being separate from ourselves.

This beginner Sedona Meditation class will demonstrate what Meditation is and isn’t. Learn how easy it actually is and incorporate it into your life in a way that works for you.

 Call for details about the tour and how to set up a Sedona healing tour.