How an Energy Vortex, Celestial Words, and an Uprising kept us united in 2020

Earlier this year a group of open-minded childhood friends went on a spiritual retreat to the sacred red rock mountains of Sedona. People travel from across the globe to experience the mysterious cosmic energy that is said to flow from the rock formations. Known as the Energy Vortex, it is an intense concentration of swirling energy found in few locations in the world- conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration.
The first week of this new year brought many challenges. My career was at a standstill with fear keeping me from taking any significant steps forward. Worn out and energy depleted, my friends and I were experiencing similar situations; we needed clarity. We met with energy healer Vishali Shahin, an author and founder of Sedona Healing Journey, who offers private spiritual vortex tours. Whether in need of physical or emotional healing, she claimed to assist in reawakening our connections through meditation and claiming this powerful energy that lives within.

The journey to clarity brought us to

February 2020

February, 2020

Thank you for a transformational three days. I scheduled all the tours not knowing what to expect and came away with exactly what I have been yearning for!

The things that I was able to release has made me lighter and hopeful. Thank you for helping me with naming my ego. I actually had to put her in her place yesterday and choose Love.

I was able to meditate on the plane and again last night. Thank you for helping me bring my breath back to me.

Divine Order guided me to Sedona and to you and I will be forever grateful.


February, 2019

From a couple that did the historical tour of Sedona: Sedona Road Tour “Vishali, we are back home now. You were the highlight of our trip. Thank you for a wonderfully personalized tour of Sedona”.

Kathleen F.

June 2019

Vishali is incredible! If you are looking for something special and not just another jeep tour full of people then Sedona Healing Journey should be your choice. My husband and I had a private, personalized tour with guided meditations at each stop. Vishali explained the history and science behind our experiences and blended it all into a truly spiritual and uplifting evening. Vishali took our pictures at each stop and we will look back on this journey with awe and excitement for our next journey with her. Until we meet again, Vishali!
October 2018

I spent the day with Vishali. I have done this type of thing when I was here last time and she is by far the best. We did a healing chakra meditation that brought tears to my eyes. I was able to release an incredible amount of negative energy. So freeing and joyous. When she was bringing us back to our hotel we would start taking about the meditation and my eyes would well up with tears again.
She was able to help us break the chains that were binding us.
K.D. May 2018

Prepare yourself for a unique tour hosted by a remarkable and extremely talented guide. Vishali Shahin shared with us her knowledge of natural healing and relaxation, along with her knowledge of Sedona’s history, its wonders and vortices. This is a very special tour, a powerful yet gentle experience of learning and healing, given by a very special woman, and one that you will always remember.

Kim D. June 2018

After experiencing the Chakra Meditation on the Spiritual Journey Tour in Sedona, AZ  . . .
This amazing Chakra Meditation will take you on a journey deep within, releasing what no longer serves.
Following this profound experience I felt clear, calm and refreshed.
Blessings Vishali”
Wendy A. Australia June 2018

I did the Healing Journey Tour with Vishali.  I really enjoyed my time at Angel Valley, and setting my intentions and experiencing the Labyrinth and Medicine Wheel.
I have had a personal issue which had been affecting my state of mind.  The work we did there completely changed my outlook.  I left there feeling very clear and happier and lighter than I have felt in a long time.
Thank you Vishali for a great tour. This experience has stayed with me as I write this weeks after being with you.

Susan T. - 2015

Where does one begin?

Well, I’ll start off by telling you about how I met the wise woman that would guide me on this adventure, Vishali Shahin and her energy healing business Vortex Tours by Sedona Healing Journey.

Unbeknownst, I plugged in the GPS of my rented car “Sedona” and found myself outside of Poco Diablo Resort. I had a vision a few weeks ago that I would be in Sedona to do some energy healing, and that I was to meet a Medicine Man in spirit form.

I knew I was being prepped for something.

So not having a plan, only a knowing that I wanted to do a vortex tour and heal, I entered the concierge area of Poco Diablo and on the third tour inquiry (threes are a powerful number for me) I booked my private vortex tour with Vishali.

Immediately we connected energetically as I explained to her why I was in Arizona, and what I wanted to work on spiritually.

Vishali’s experienced and refined intuitive skills helped guide me through a journey to the Astral Plane where I built my Temple, and met with a Wise Master; the Medicine Man in spirit form.

I asked him questions, and he gave me answers that made me both laugh and cry.

Vishali walked me through the process with grace and ease, and together we celebrated the experience.

I feel so blessed to have had such a profound healing done, and most especially to have had someone as compassionate as Vishali to share it with!

Thank you Vishali for this incredible experience. I look forward to the day we reunite my soul sister!

For anyone traveling the area, and looking to experience something soul shifting, I highly recommend her services!


Ann H. August 2016

“After 1 session ” My feet are still pain free! Still have some numbness and that band feeling, but no pain!!! Thank you soooo much”

Carl C. - 2014

“After suffering with shoulder pain after straining it at work, Vishali worked on it for one session, I was shocked the pain was gone!”

Charles S. - 2014

I was reviewing my Viator site in July 2021, and read the testimonials there. I decided to bring a few over to my website. Below are a few shares:

My mom and I went on the Vortex Tour with Vishali and had a wonderful experience. She really did make a big impact on us, not just on our trip, but our lives in general. Vishali knows her stuff and the work that she does is really such a gift to mankind. It was our first time in Sedona and didn’t know much about the place and the vortices, even though we were interested in spirituality and metaphysical stuff. We learned so much from Vishali and are both so grateful for the experience! We appreciated her generous presence, the meditations she guided us in, the knowledge she shared, the history of the place, and the magical synchronicities that happened (and are still happening) since then. Do yourself a favor and book Vishali’s tour. You will not regret and it may even change your life! Thanks again, Vishali!!!

Five of us girlfriends from Colorado wanted to take a spiritual vortex tour. There are so many from which to choose, yet I was drawn to Vishali’s website. Our tour was everything we hoped for, and more, because Vishali has an incredible spirit and a wonderful sense of humor! We walked, we meditated, we laughed. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend this tour. Perfect way to start our Sedona vacation!

The Universe always knows what you need and I needed this specific tour with Vishali! I learned so much about the discovery of the vortex, the history, and last but not least I learned so much about myself! Vishali was so kind and has so much charisma. The meditations were exactly what I needed and it was so peaceful & powerful to experience. If you’re looking for an intimate experience this is the tour you need S.Smith

July 2021

This is an email I received from someone I took out on tour earlier this year. I was so happy to receive this letter as It is a great testament for how Sedona and the energy here can shift someone and put them more deeply on their spiritual path. When she speaks about her ego being told quite frequently to get on the couch, she was referring to an exercise and meditation we do on the tour where we get some distance from our ego mind. We really don’t realize how much control the ego mind exerts, and once we do the inner work begins. With the work I do with clients, this discovery can be more easeful and more fun. this was a wonderful and surprise testimonial that touched me and I felt compelled to share.
-Vishali –

“I’m not sure you’ll remember me but we met at the beginning of March. My fiancee & I were in Sedona from Florida. I had felt a strong drive to meet with you. We were fortunate to spend the day with you. First at your favorite spot learning meditation ( I can still close my eyes and see the red rocks, feel the chill in the air) to the Buddha shrine and ending with our chakras being cleared.

You and Sedona changed my outlook, my future. The sessions with you have greatly helped me through the past few months. My job is stressful and has ramped up considerably with Covid-19. Along with the new changes in the world, it’s been quite a challenge at times. However, I can find quiet now that I never had before.

In daily life now, my “ego” is told quite frequently to get on the couch and other places as well! I never realized the control it had. That has been a tremendous help in making even small changes in life. I’m still a work in progress… But going in the right direction. 

I hope this email finds all is well with you. That you are safe and healthy. I just wanted to reach out and say —Thank You”. 

May 2020

“This review is long overdue. I came to Sedona in August on a quest for healing. I did the Spiritual Journey tour with Vishali and it was amazing. We went to two vortex sites and she explained to me the difference in the types of energies at each site. She also walked me through a guided meditation at each site. All the places that Vishali took me to where things that I wanted to experience on my trip in Sedona and I didn’t even share that information with her beforehand. She is so down to earth, hilariously funny, and such a beautiful spirit. It was wonderful working with her and I left with a toolbox to assist me with my journey towards healing.”

Betsy V

Feb 2020

 Thank you for the wonderful experience.  My wife and I were talking about how it was the best excursion we have ever been on. You were the highlight of our trip to Sedona and we will never forget the experience we had with you.

Raymond K.

March 2020

Thank you for such a wonderful experience in Sedona. In recent years I have had difficult times and I felt my heart was closing. You guided me to what I really wanted to have in Sedona.  I felt like I was back to my true self again.  Thank you very very much. Yesterday I meditated to your CD, I plan to do this every day.


January 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting Vishali while staying at our hotel in Sedona while on a girl’s trip to Arizona. This trip was a self renewal trip for myself and my girlfriends.  I saw Vishali’s poster while checking into the hotel for morning meditation sessions. 

I am not sure what we expected, but the results ended with myself and my girlfriends making the first step in releasing so many of the stresses that had been holding us down. 

We enjoyed the session so much that we all bought Vishali’s meditation cd and set up monthly Skype sessions as a group with Vishali. 

Her meditation sessions always brings us back to be being grounded and understanding ourselves and the world around us. She has truly been a blessing. 

D.J. Dec 2018

A few weeks ago I went on a healing journey tour with Vishali. since that day, there has been a noticeable difference in my life. 
She gave me insight into ‘me’ and opened up my mind to a different way of using the energy around me for a better good.  
My husband noticed the difference and my relationship with him has improved. I am happier, more relaxed and positive than I have been in years. Thank you Vishali!
Jane July 2018

Vishali is a beautiful soul. You can feel her calming energy and you immediately know you are safe in her hands. She took me on a healing journey I will never forget. She does so much more than take you to various sites. Her knowledge about the area, the land, the vortex sites is amazing and the way she effortlessly takes clients on a journey of self discovery is so subtle you know that there has been a shift but it wasn’t a jolt to the system. I left her feeling energized and with a new outlook on my situation and life going forward. It was like she got the energy moving again and I am so thankful to Vishali for making my trip to Sedona one to remember.
J.L. March 2018

I just want to thank you for the wonderful experiences that you were able to guide me to and through while in Sedona!  It was the best part of my trip.
Back in late September, while mourning the sudden and unexpected death of my fiance (and soul mate), my eyes were opened, and I have been on a spiritual journey ever since.  After visiting with you in the Vortex areas, I feel that I have taken a huge step forward to more.
M.R. July 2017

Vishali is a remarkable person to meet . She made our spiritual/healing experience a truly transforming event. I would highly recommend her. I cannot thank her enough. I am planning on going back to Sedona again and I am going to schedule another healing session
Thank you so much, Vishali


Ted M Feburary 23, 2017

My sister and I went on this journey together. We are at different spaces in our spiritual discovery, and we both got exactly what we needed. With the guidance of Vishali and the energy of the vortexes, my sister had her awakening and I have a much clearer understanding. I am so truly grateful for Vishali, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fran C. - November 2016

My husband and I took this tour. We had never been to Sedona before and had never heard of a vortex. Our Inn keeper made us a reservation with Vishali. She was absolutely amazing! We learned so much in just a short amount of time. It was such a big part of our “Sedona Memory”. We would do it again! Thanks Vishali for making our trip amazing!

Mellisa P. October 2016

“After 2 months of doing double duty because of my casted left leg, my right knee started to be painful and refuse to allow me to sit crosslegged for meditation; after one session of Vishali’s Healing,the knee returned to normal.”

Judy M. - 2015

took a Vortex tour with Vishali, it was the highlight of my stay in Sedona.  Not only did I get to experience the Vortex energy, but I learned a few techniques to start my mediation practice.  I always wanted to learn meditation and I am thrilled this was part of the tour, just enough to get me started!
I would recommend this experience to all my friends. I opened up to the energy of the Vortexes. I love Sedona!

Thank you Vishali.

Gail G. - 2014

“It was truly wonderful. Even though I was trying to relax, my mind was going a mile a minute with all the things from the day, stuff I had to do, etc. Then all of a sudden, when she was doing the technique, it was like a wave came in from the ocean and washed away all anxiety, and I was like ‘whatever–what was I thinking about again?’ I left feeling really calm and peaceful. It is still in effect. WOW–I am a believer!”

Candace B. - 2014