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Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tours & Meditations

Many people are drawn to Sedona for all it offers. It evokes a very sacred feeling as you experience its wonders. From the moment you are in the presence of the red rocks of Sedona, you may feel the sense of awe in the majesty that surrounds you. You may feel the peace and connection enfolding you.


Vishali Shahin

Sedona is known all over the world as a spiritual center with powerful energy vortices. Vortices are spiritual energy spots found around the world. The ancient people that lived here in the area, never actually lived in Sedona because they felt it was too sacred. They utilized this beautiful place as the site  for their ancient ceremonies and prayer rituals. We come here as they did, for healing, ceremony, and reconnection with ourselves and each other. The energy of the rocks and the vortices pull us into what is most important and to who we most deeply are. Sedona is a magical place of spirituality and nature. Come and take the time for your spiritual healing journey. Whether it is a physical healing or an emotional healing, I would be honored to be part of your journey.      

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine & 
Distant Sessions

Energy healing works with the Life Force Energy of the body, which helps restore balance and wellness. The Healing happens from the Quantum level.

Distant Healing:  Distance healings are very successful. You don’t have to be with a healer in person to get results.

Beginners Meditation:  There are a variety of reasons people benefit from meditation. There are many documented health benefits. Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.  

Meditation can help you learn to relax.

Spiritual Journey Tours

Are You Ready to Connect to Your Higher Self?

Have you ever wondered what is beyond the chatter of a busy mind?  Come and have the experience of journeying into your own center and connect more deeply with your intuition and Higher Guidance.

Medicine Wheel are places to pray, meditate, contemplate, and strengthen your connection with nature and yourself.

The Labyrinth  –  an ancient symbol relating to the Oneness of all. It represents a journey into our own being, and then, very importantly, back again into the world. It is an inward Meditation of contemplation and letting go…

Sedona Vortex Tour

Sedona Vortex Tour

Vortex Tour

Sedona Vortex Tour

This 3-hour vortex tour.
Spiritual vortexes are said to be cross-points between energy fields in the earth’s grid system, or intersecting “ley” lines.  Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power center.   

Sedona Road Tour gives you a complete overview of Sedona: it’s history, how the rocks got here, and stories of the pioneers. This tour is suitable for all people, since it is an on road tour only. Gentle on the body and exhilarating to the soul. Discover the best places for sunset, learn about some of the best restaurants, overlooks and destinations. Especially beautiful at sunset.  Not to be missed!

Allow me to assist you in your journey!

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