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In 2013, I left the Bay Area and nursing and moved to
Sedona, AZ. I’d fallen in love with its beauty, its serene energy, but this was a BIG decision – I’d been a registered nurse for 34 years and didn’t have a clue what I’d do in Sedona. I just knew I was done with nursing, and I was being drawn to Sedona. I took a leap of faith and moved.

It wasn’t my first leap of faith. In my 20’s, I had an inkling there was more to what I was experiencing in life.  This brought me several years later to a meditation master and a life changing experience of living in an ashram in India.

My life there was all about yoga, meditation, eastern philosophy and volunteering as a form of service to the community and ultimately, humanity.

I had beautiful meditation experiences in the ashram: sometimes I’d feel a peace not of this world. Other times I’d be feeling a love so big, it didn’t seem possible to feel that love in my everyday life. But these experiences never lasted. Not only that, the fact is, our conditioned ego-mind loves to compare. Everybody experiences energy differently. I seemed to be predominately kinesthetic (feeling),  so I’d feel peace or contentment, but I never had the visions or heard the music so many others described. Immediately, my ego-mind compared, and, just as quickly, negated the very experiences which were bringing me to my Higher Self.

It is a great ruse of the ego-mind to divert our attention in any way possible, so as to keep us in a state of confusion and wanting. This keeps us always seeking and never finding.

I spent a LOT of years thinking something was wrong with my spiritual journey because I wasn’t having ‘other peoples’ experiences. All those other people seemed to be having the best time in meditation – seeing visions for example, or hearing celestial music.  Finally, after years of assuming I’d been doing this spiritual path stuff all wrong, I heard a few talks which stopped the confusion. 




Those talks made it clear that ALL experiences come and go. All the time. The experience itself – whatever it is – is not the goal. Experiences, good or bad, are always impermanent. The Truth of who we are, at our core, is beyond any thought, any momentary experience.

This realization profoundly affected my life as I now settled into more of the truth of who I am – and we are.

Once I’d settled into my new home in Sedona, I thought it’d be fun to try working for one of the local jeep companies which gave Vortex Tours of the area. I loved being part of these Vortex Tours – and even started to lead a few tours myself. People from all over the world come here to experience the energy of Sedona, and its spiritual promptings.

Those jeep tours were great – but I knew I wanted to go deeper into every aspect of spirituality with the people taking tours. I opened my own company and started offering Vortex Tours and Spiritual Journey Tours. This flowed right into private spiritual mentoring sessions, retreats and teaching meditation one-on-one and in groups.

If you’re in Sedona, please come take a safely-distanced Vortex Tour or Spiritual Journey Tour – or schedule your individual or group retreat (all safely-distanced). If you’re ready for spiritual mentoring, to help navigate pandemic life and its continued challenges, or just go deeper into your spirituality call and book your Zoom or Skype session with me!

I’m looking forward to working with you and guiding you to your own transformations – transforming your relationships with the people in your life and with your own self, by tapping a deeper inner peace and a much quieter mind.

Vishali Shahin B.S., R.N.
Spiritual Mentor
Certified Meditation Teacher
Spiritual Journey Tour Guide
Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner


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