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With Vishali Shahin B.S.,R.N.
Spiritual Counselor, PSYCH-K® Master Facilitator and Meditation Instructor

Guide and Coach,
Vishali Shahin

Vishali offers radically clear spiritual coaching, guidance and life empowerment – so you can choose peace even in a chaotic world.

Are you ready to live in peace, no matter what’s happening?

There’s love. And then there’s fear. We have so many blocks seemingly keeping love’s presence away from us. It’s not about ‘becoming’ anything. It is about removing the blocks to love’s presence – that responsive presence which is always there.

We all need support at times, to find enough courage, clarity and willingness to remove those blocks. With a spiritual coach’s support and clarity, you’ll unlock a much more peaceful, loving inner state, which changes how you treat yourself, other people, and how your life works.

Discover The One-Second Cure!

One of the teachings of A Course In Miracles is about changing your perception of the world. There’s so much going on in our personal lives, and in the world we’d like to change. Where would we start? We start with our perception. We can make changes just one second at a time.

It’s what I call The One-Second Cure™ – Healing, or curing your life just one second at a time.

“Seek Not To Change The World, 
But Choose To Change Your Mind About The World”

~ A Course In Miracles

Heal Your Life Just One Second At A Time.



Seven Steps To Inner Peace

My form of Spiritual Counseling incorporates the teachings of A Course In Miracles to shift your alliance from the ego driven mind-set of guilt, fear, separation and attack, to what the Course would call the right-minded thought system of love, compassion, and forgiveness. You’ll discover you have the power to choose, with right understanding, the thought system which brings you more joy and peace.

Some tools we may use include PSYCH-K® and meditation. In our time together, you may choose to learn meditation (if it’s new to you). Experiencing meditation for even a few minutes a day makes a big difference in quieting the mind and the nervous system.

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® works with the subconscious mind to transform your experience of life and FREE you from subconscious patterns and beliefs which are running your life behind the scenes.

PSYCH-K® balances both hemispheres of the brain in a simple process facilitated by the coach. We’ll discover what it is you really want, that subconscious beliefs are keeping from you. 

The subconscious mind is programmed by all the events in our life the mind has made meaning of. Many of these subconscious beliefs don’t support us in having a fulfilled life, leaving us depressed, anxious, dissatisfied with life.

With the processes of PSYCH-K®, these subconscious patterns can be shifted with ease, allowing you to move through life feeling more connected to yourself and your spirituality.

The best part? You don’t have to know what the patterns are, you just have to know how you’d prefer to feel.

“A Course In Miracles does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence,
which is your natural inheritance.” 
- Intro: ACIM –

The set of 6 weekly sessions is the most effective choice – anchoring your new beliefs, new inner (& outer) state into a strong, solid core. Of course, a schedule of sessions can be set up which works best for you.

Spiritual Support Offerings

Let’s work together to create your empowered life today!


Bring the healing energy of Sedona to you. The “Radical Clarity Retreat” will help you in having life-shifting breakthroughs that will stay with you. Available in Sedona in person, or remotely by Zoom…

This Time is for You!


    • Finally release those obstacles getting in the way of transforming & healing your relationships!


    • Discover how/when you’re at your best – and import that in full into your everyday life.


    • Get some distance from the ego-mind – catch it at its ploys which keep you stuck.


    • Learn what inner teacher you are really listening to.


    • Revolutionize/turn around your relationships – learn The One-Second Cure™

    About Vishali

    It's my joy to help people recognize how they're living life in ways which haven't worked for them, then watch as they recognize / experience their Higher Self, and live from that point of view.

    ~ Vishali Shahin


    I'm a retired Registered Nurse who practiced in large urban hospitals for 35 years. During that time, I was introduced to meditation and lived several years in an ashram in India. Spirituality became the foundation of life's experience for me.

    It was clear that though there was a deep connection to Higher Self, my subconscious patterns and beliefs sabotaged living a happy, fulfilled life. These patterns and beliefs also interfered with my ability to stay connected to my inner peace.

    I studied many modalities to shift these subconscious beliefs -  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Mytho-Self ® and PSYCH-K®

    But it was studying A Course In Miracles which finally showed me how to undo the ego-mind, and to be able to stay in communication with God/Higher Self.

    This non-dual teaching is the foundation of my counseling, using the above mentioned tools to free us from the conditioned mind.

    "Helping people let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs, watching people realize who they truly are and choosing their Higher Self, over the conditioned mind, is my passion."

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