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What if I suggested emotional healing could take place in a single second?

You might think I was crazy! What if I suggested you could have an emotional healing or forgive someone one second at a time?But some people don’t even want to forgive, or let go of a grudge or a hatred,

they feel completely justified in how they feel and have no intention on letting it go. Somehow, suffering can seem easier than letting something go. People may think that to forgive something is a weakness.

On my Sedona Vortex Tours, or when I am teaching meditation, I ask people to contemplate who we are aligned with at any given moment, our ego mind or Spirit mind.

It’s as if there are two of us, our spiritually oriented side longing to know the truth, and our ego side which would do anything to keep us away from the truth. Please check out my blog post, Who Are We Listening To Anyway

I demonstrate what happens to us when we just think a positive thought or a negative thought by using muscle testing. I have people hold their arm up and think of someone they love, and when I push down on their arm, I can’t move it. They are energetically strong. Then I have them think of someone that can still trigger them, and their arm is easily brought down with even less pressure. They energetically are weak.

When we are aligned with our ego, our whole system is weakened, and when we are aligned with Spirit then our system is strong again.

Most of us don’t think twice about what we think, and this demonstration is a real eye opener for people. This brings home very viscerally that what we think does affect us.

Now the great thing is we can change that in a second. I have had people swear they could never forgive someone, yet when they were able to send that person love or acceptance even just for ONE second, they muscle test strong.
For the first time people realize that they don’t have to forgive everything, all at once. That can be a set-up for failure. But the realization that they can send a more positive, compassionate thought toward the person who triggers them makes their system strong.

Now they are more motivated to do it again, and again, just ONE second at a time. Now they have sent that person maybe 10 seconds or more compassion than they did yesterday. What begins to happen is a shift in perspective.
Dr. Joe Dispenza has said that if we REALLY believed our thoughts were affecting us, we would definitely think differently. He shows how with intention and willingness to think a thought opposite our habitual thoughts, we literally make new neuro-synaptic connections in our brain.

Dr Joe Dispenza- TED Talks with Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Dispenza speaks on how our habitual thoughts have literal synaptic connections in our brain, and our behavior is on automatic, BUT as we choose our Spirit as our priority and live our lives from Spirit’s perspective, our very decisions can change our thoughts and change our world.

Everyone wants the world to be a more peaceful place, and we have heard that peace starts with us. This is how we can choose peace within us….

ONE second at a time.

The choice is always ours – do we choose weakness or strength?