The Sedona Vortex Experience – A Course In Waking Up!


5-Part Sedona Healing Journey Experience – A Course In Waking Up!
With Vishali Shahin B.S.,R.N. Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Mentor, Vortex Tour Guide. 



Experience Sedona’s Energy In Your Own Home.

Start your transformation with The Sedona Vortex Experience – A Course In Waking Up!  Sedona, Arizona is a spiritual power center on Earth. That power is centered around energy known as vortexes (or vortices). This Course reawakens your connection to yourself, your power center, and makes it accessible in your everyday life. Whether you’re just curious or committed to strengthening your spirituality. This course will guide you to powerful energy spots within yourself. You don’t have to be here to experience the connection to the energies that Sedona offers. Together we’ll explore the differences between “upflow and downflow” vortex energy, and how this relates to your life and your spirituality. It’s always about your experience of life, no matter what is happening.Join me online now, for The Sedona Vortex Experience, A Course In Waking Up!


BENEFITS – You Will:


*Understand what gets in the way of following your inner guidance.
*Learn why you get so involved with your conditioned mind, and how, instead, to easily choose your Higher Self.
*Learn fun techniques and finally get a little breathing room, as you take back control of your thoughts.
*Learn how to more easily follow your intuition.
*Let go of the negative commentary in your mind and transform it into positive commentary. You can make big changes, as you catch your mind, one second at a time!
*Bring your best, most authentic self into your relationships.


Why do people resonate with vortex energy? What’s it got to do with your spirituality and how can you utilize this energy for continued transformation?  In this course, all these questions and concepts are covered. You’ll learn what ‘amps up’ the energy in Sedona and how to tap that energy, no matter where you are in the world.