One Hour Session With Vishali Tour Add On


One Hour Session With Vishali

Choose a Meditation or Mentoring Session along with your Tour and get it for half price!



One Hour Session With Vishali Whether you want to learn meditation or go deeper in your practice, this session is the perfect adjunct to The Sedona Virtual Vortex Tour. Maybe you prefer a Spiritual Mentoring session to put what you experience on this Virtual Vortex Tour into practice as an ongoing way of being.

Either way, connect here with this Special Offer for only $50.00 more!
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Benefits of a Mentoring Session:

What would it be like for you to be less judgmental to others, and yourself?  That alone would give you more inner peace.  Mentoring sessions will allow you to be freed up from the conditioned mind that keeps you stuck in old patterns. It’s about releasing the blocks to loves presence. This love is always within us. It’s the process of healing your life, just one-second at a time, whenever things come up. Start with the session being offered here, and start to see benefits in your life. 

About The Meditation Sessions:

Think you can’t meditate? Meditation is truly easier than people realize!  You’ll learn about the medical and psychological benefits of meditation – and of course, the spiritual. The world is seriously stressful right now –  Some of the benefits of meditation are staying calm, centered, and balanced no matter what is happening. Meditation allows you to start seeing life from a different perspective, one that brings much less stress and more inner peace!