kindessKindness Rocks are about connecting people together with the message of Kindness set on a polished river rock.

Great gift for yourself or to “pay it forward“.

Many years ago, I sat listening to a Meditation Master along with maybe 2,000 other people.

She said….  “The fastest way to evolve spiritually is to be kind to each other.”

Wow. That was it?!

At that moment every cell in my body woke up to those words and it became part of my spiritual practice. I was the type of person who was always guarding myself from other people, as if they were not worth my time, or dangerous to me somehow.

All this was my intense feelings of separation from my higher self. Over time, what my meditation teacher said changed me.

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I became more open to people and let my guard down. I could see all people were exactly the same, and how I treated others was how I was treating myself. How I treated others either contributed to the chaos in the world or the peace in the world.  I choose to contribute to peace.


Kindness Rocks made in USA

With that sentiment in mind, I came out of a recent meditation with the vision of the “Kindness Rocks” in my mind – the idea to put it on a rock!

And so it came to manifestation.

Each rock has been imbued with love’s healing energy in meditation and prayer. It is my intention that these rocks be shared in the spirit of kindness bringing their healing energy with them.

Brighten someones day with a Kindness Rock or Love Rock gift and let the love ripple out into the world. Contribute to harmony on the planet.

Give them as a gift of Gratitude to someone you want to honor.Give them as gifts as a reminder to pay it forward.

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” - Dalai Lama XIV

Love Rocks

Love Rocks is the perfect gift for wedding favors or Valentines Day gifts.

It is a beautiful gift you can place in your home or easily carry it with you in remembrance of love and that special day.

It is set on a polished river rock and imbued with blessings.   If you are looking for an elegant gift to give as a wedding favor this is it. 

The idea came to me during a meditation, first as kindness rocks, then as love rocks.  The two are eternally linked, in any act of kindness there is unconditional love.  

It is this connection with ourselves and others that we bring to a loving union of marriage as we express this feeling and connection to our partner.