People come to Sedona to awaken to their spirituality and the heal aspects of their lives. On this retreat we utilize the energies of Sedona to easily support our efforts 

This retreat is a must for any one looking to go deeper into their own spirituality.
There  will be integration on the sacred land of Sedona.
This experience is transformational!


“Seek Not To Change The World, But Choose To Change Your Mind About The World”
A Course In Miracles

Have you ever longed for any other life but the one you are living? Maybe you even decided to do meditations to create the real life you should be living, yet somehow you are still here doing what you are doing?

What if this is actually it, and the only thing you could do is change how you are viewing it? 

It’s when we really get to an inner place of accepting how things are,  that things can change. Strange but true. Instead of fighting our personal will against Divine Will, what if we aligned our personal will with Divine Will? 

At best life will change and we feel great, at worst life stays the same and we still feel great! 

Most of us long for a more spiritual life, yet we find ourselves in the world working hard and doing a thousand things. This is where our spiritual life is, in the midst of our lives. We can find quiet right where we are.

  • Connect with your authentic self.
  • Understand the obstacles that get in the way of your healing.
  • Discover how you are at your best and bring that into your life.
  • Get some distance from the ego mind and catch it at it’s ploys to keep you stuck.
  • Learn to playfully choose your Spirit mind over the ego mind. Learn what inner teacher you are really listening to.
  • Learn how to heal your relationships one second at a time.  It’s what I call the one second cure!
  • Learn how to really tune into your intuition and make the right decisions.


Vishali is a Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Counselor and NLP Master Practitioner.

“It is my joy to work with people to bring them to the realization that choosing our higher spiritual voice over our ego’s voice affects not only the outcome of our personal life, but also the world. One choice we do have is which voice we listen to. There are ways of working with ourselves which makes spiritual work more fun!”

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