Vortex Energy & Your Spirituality
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Sedona, Arizona is a spiritual power center on earth. That power is centered around energy known as vortexes (or vortices).

The Sedona Vortex Experience – A Course In Waking Up!, reawakens your connection to yourself, your intuition, and makes it accessible in your everyday life.

This experience will awaken and strengthen your spirituality. This Course In Awakening will guide you to powerful energy spots within yourself, using the vortex energy as a conduit for transformation.

Together we’ll explore the differences between “upflow and downflow” vortex energy, and how this relates to your life and your spirituality.

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“I highly recommend this experience for anyone wanting to experience the magic that lies within. Vishali gently guides her guests with fact-based knowledge, and through an unexplained mystery, with love and light.  She even helped us take this wonderful energy with us as we left. I left a changed person, and all for the better!”
Kathy Shook

Tour Guest

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Sedona Vortex Experience
– A Course In Awakening –
can be experienced from anywhere in the world.

You Will…

  • Understand what gets in the way of following your inner guidance.
  • Learn why you get so involved with your conditioned mind, and how, instead, to easily choose your Higher Self.
  • Learn fun techniques and finally get a little breathing room, as you take back control of your thoughts.
  • Learn how to more easily follow your intuition.
  • Let go of the negative commentary in your mind and transform it into positive commentary.
  • You can make big changes, as you catch your mind, one second at a time!
  • Bring your best, most authentic self into your relationships.
Why do people resonate with vortex energy? What’s it got to do with spirituality and how can you utilize vortex energy for continued transformation?

In this course, all these questions and concepts are covered. You will learn what ‘amps up’ the energy in Sedona and how that energy pertains to your life no matter where you are. 

This course is about spiritual transformation, inner peace and freedom. It’s a practical course in awakening to the Truth of who you really are. 

Prepare yourself for a unique tour hosted by a remarkable and extremely talented guide. This is a very special tour. A powerful, yet gentle experience of learning and healing, one that you will always remember. 


Kimberly & Rick DiBiase

Tour Guests

Your Course In Waking Up! Includes…



Vortex Energy And Your Spirituality

How does Sedona’s energy pertain to your life? Why do people resonate with the energy here? What’s it have to do with your spirituality? More importantly, how do you utilize this energy, creating and retaining a continued transformation in your daily life? This experience is available for you, at home right now…
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Owning Your Inner Connection

We rarely own our greatness – so much of our spiritual nature is just something we take for granted. We see other people’s spiritual experiences, but don’t notice our own. What experiences are you taking for granted? Once we discover this together, we will do a meditation so that you own this inner greatness in a way that will stay with you…
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What You Unconsciously Hold Onto

Imagine what it’d be like to live your life without self judgment. We can be so hard on ourselves. Think about the masses of unconscious conditioning we clutch onto. That conditioning gets stored in the cell memory of your body, inside the chakra system. It is possible to quickly, easily release the stuff which triggers you – it can happen one second at a time…
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Freedom In Your Letting It All Go

The downward flowing vortex is again a clearing out, or a looking at things that trigger us from our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th chakra. Each trigger you release increases the freedom you feel. This chakra review and meditation gives you the tools to let go of that nagging conditioned mind, whether you’re in ‘formal’ meditation or stuck in traffic or a grocery line…
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Bringing It All Together

I’m standing in Boynton Canyon, with ‘Kachina Woman’ behind me – a well-known vortex spot in Sedona. It’s an amazing spot to actually wrap up this vortex experience because it speaks to the entire experience. I will be telling you a Hopi story, which has everything to do with the upflow and the downflow energies – and your life!…
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Sedona’s Unique Geology

Sedona’s rock formations were 340 million years in the making. Many people believe it must’ve been submerged underwater, for these formations to occur. Not at all! However, water definitely had everything to do with creating the red rock formations – and the energy contained here. Learn how it happened! 
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“Earlier this year a group of open-minded childhood friends went on a spiritual retreat to Sedona’s vortex spots. We went with Vishali on a private experience.  As the mind-blowing meditation and tour came to an end, we hugged and cried. There haven’t been many occasions in my life that I’ve felt so awe-inspired, the “aha moments” when everything stops, and you recognize something profound is occurring. This encounter was one of those moments.”

Jennifer Pamela Sevilla

Tour Guest


About Your Tour Guide

Vishali Shahin, B.S., R.N., is a spiritual mentor and a Certified Meditation Instructor. She’s also a retired registered nurse, who worked 34 years at busy urban hospitals in the Bay Area in California. During that time, she was introduced to meditation and lived in India for several years, studying the spiritual and psychological benefits of meditation. She now offers her work doing spiritually-oriented tours in Sedona, AZ, including in-person private vortex tours, spiritual mentoring and teaching meditation. 

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