Couples Sacred Vortex Tour Sedona

Deepen your connection to each other and to the earth.  Masculine and feminine energies play an active role in our relationships.  Come see how they are expressed in nature and in our lives.

On this tour you will come away with a better understanding of the gender differences, and enhanced communication.   Some of the ways we naturally communicate may have us disagreeing with each other even though we are actually in agreement.

It’s fun to become aware of our gender communication styles! You will have many

aha moments leaving you experiencing even more of the love and harmony that you share.

This is a 3.5-4 hour tour. We will stop at 3 spots. We complete our vortex tour by telling a beautiful story of a Native American couple whose story is seen on the Red Rocks. This story encompasses everything we have experienced on the tour and wraps up our time together.

For couples of all generations.

3.5 -4 Hours –