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Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens by us.

People find their way to Sedona for the peace and stillness the vortex energies evoke in them. This is a place of spirituality and of inner transformation. Once we get recharged here in Sedona, what are we like when we return home?

It’s super easy to fall into the idea that life is happening to us and to get seriously upset about all the stuff which happens. There’s no responsibility if we’re just the victim of the world around us. Assigning blame to everybody else happens (almost) automatically – after all, that outside event really did occur!

Let’s take this political climate we find ourselves in – it’s easy to take sides. We’re seeing unprecedented division in this country – so much so, millions of us are sitting with our jaws dropped. The right thinks the left is going to take away democracy and the left thinks the same thing. How is this possible?

But this division has always been there in the ego-thought system. The ego likes to divide. That’s what it does.

Think about this, though – our country, in theory, at least, holds the ideal of being ‘united’ – it’s in our name. The United States. It’s still our ideal and a value we ascribe to, at our core. This ideal of unity comes from our Higher Self, our God-Self – and we know this Truth. It’s self-evident (as someone once wrote).

But here comes that ego-mind we’re so identified with, saying, well, sure, we believe in unity and all, “except for what all those OTHER people over there are doing!”

Every time we come at the world and each other from our ego’s point of view, the ONLY possibility IS division. It’s such a limited vantage point – yet we believe it without a second thought.

Why? Because we believe we are our ego-mind.

We are not.

It’s like we have two minds – our God-mind and the ego-mind. You see, I didn’t say ‘our’ ego. It’s waaaay past time to stop identifying with the very energy which is wreaking havoc in the world.

Look at the ‘outside’ world – all that chaos is an ego-creation, not a God-creation. God’s world is love, and compassion. Thinking God is judgmental, and vengeful is yet one more ego ploy to keep us distracted from the very stillness of who we really are.

The ego’s got us convinced stillness is boring. After all, a good war or two or twelve’s gotta be more exciting, right? And even if we aren’t fighting another country at the moment, “no problem, let’s fight each other!”

From the ego’s point of view, it couldn’t care less who it’s fighting, as long as there’s a fight. This happens in your daily life, with family, friends, co-workers, – just about anyone. Heck the ego fights with traffic, lines in stores, – anything we think should be different – but isn’t.

From the ego’s point of view, it’s ALWAYS right and somebody else is ALWAYS wrong. The difficulties in the world happen by us constantly choosing the ego-mind. What we’re seeing in the world today is a creation by a drama queen – and we fall for it! We’ll continue to fall for it, until we start to realize there’s got to be another way.

God’s qualities are love, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, unity, joy, creation, expansion. I learned that in Sunday School and by just listening to my own heart.

The ego’s qualities are anger, fear, hatred, resentment, self-righteousness (that’s a big one!), worry, anxiety, panic, hate, destruction – The list goes on.

God extends love and grace. The ego projects…well, garbage.

For anyone who might have been taught to believe God is vengeful, I would suggest otherwise. Take a moment to ask your true God-Self for the answer (you’ve gotta get quiet for that). He ain’t mean – but the ego-mind is. Look around.

The ego’s got us convinced that God is like it is: mean, vengeful, judgmental, vindictive and on top of all that, we should fear God. Seriously? It doesn’t take much contemplation to realize this is the ego ranting unchecked.

Actually, we are like God. God is not like us. Who are we, once we stop identifying with the ego?

What do you see playing out on the political stage at the moment? Doesn’t look much as if people are acting from their Higher Selves. If we were coming from our Higher Selves, peace would happen in a heartbeat.

It’s easy – too easy – to ‘take a side’ and continue all the division. Each time I do that, I’m choosing the ego and suffering ensues – for me and the world around me.

But it’s a choice. Choose again.

The outside world really isn’t happening ‘to’ us – it’s happening ‘by’ us. By our moment-to-moment choices. When we get triggered, we’re only fighting our own inner battle. Then we take it out on other people, by picking fights with them.

We say we want inner peace, even as we choose to suffer So everyone who is hating the ‘other side’ is really fighting with themselves.

When we’re at peace, who or what can disturb that? What is there to say to anyone who is trying to hurt you?


To the degree we’re triggered, that’s the degree we’re actually fighting with ourselves.

We’re creating by default. The more we project our ego-mind onto the world, the more ego-energy we get back.

When we choose otherwise, even in the face of extreme craziness, our experience of the outside world changes. The exact same stuff may be happening in the outside world, but we feel more peaceful inside. Let THAT radiate to others.

Oh, and for anybody who’s completely befuddled by friends’ viewpoints (as I am, at times), this IS the work to wake ourselves up. Not much makes sense on the level of this earth-plane, so what are the choices?

Can you choose to use all this crazy stuff to, instead of becoming agitated, wake up? To consistently send love to the people who trigger you? Over and over and over, make a different choice, just one second at a time.

People will do what they know to do. No one can be made to be different until they decide. We can’t decide for them. We can only decide for ourselves.

Why join in the fray of craziness?

Can you let your inner battle become your inner peace?