Field of red flowers with title Remember Who You Are





The Red Rocks of Sedona are still standing as a witness to the ages. They are now witnessing the events of 2020. People still come here to get in touch with their spiritual awareness and to heal. If ever there was a time to release the old thoughts it would be now. This is done by releasing the old beliefs and freeing ourselves to know who we really are.

During this month of November 2020, I will be participating in a Global event called ‘Remember Who You Are’. By One Heart One Earth. Free Registration for this invaluable experience.

We have forgotten who we are. Collectively we have definitely forgotten. Look at the world today and all the strife. We have never been more divided as a culture and more willing to inflict blame onto each other. The more we blame the more we incite harm.

People will react to each other as ‘less than’ human. This is why it is easy to fight with each other and actually cause harm. That harm can be physical or emotional.

But we ARE the same. How do you Remember Who You Are? We remember by choosing the inner teacher or our Higher Self.

We have 2 thought systems, one brings us to an inhibited state of fear and separation. This is our instinct for survival. It is a tribal mind of ‘me and mine’. In this thought system there is the perception of inherent differences. Every negative hurtful thought has consequences, and every negative and hurtful thought comes from our need for survival.

The other mind brings us to love and peace and unity. It is where altruism comes from. All the qualities of the heart that make us good people. These are the qualities of love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, empathy, the list goes on. This is our desire to serve humanity, and see us all as One.

Just being kind is serving humanity.

So to choose our Higher Self is to Remember Who You Are.

The more kindness we share in the world the better our moods. Isn’t that something? The energy that we put out always comes back to us.

If we want to feel better then be kind. A teacher once said the fastest way to evolve spiritually is just to be kind to each other. Simple, yes, but not necessarily easy. It’s changing our decision to react when we catch ourselves getting upset,  just one second at a time.

Starting November 1st – 14th, 2020 there will be a Global Summit. Join me in this summit and Remember Who You Are.

Vishali Shahin BS R.N.

Certified Meditation Instructor,
Spiritual Counselor,
Vortex Tour Guide,
Spiritual Journey Guide.