Man facing red rock scene in Sedona, with this arms outstretched.

Even with most people being under quarantine, Sedona still brings people to experience the beauty of the red rocks and how they make them feel.  Of course, keeping social distancing is easy here, as people go hiking on the trails, enjoying the outdoors.

It’s a place people can feel at their best. Whether it is the vortex energy or just viewing the red rocks, this place has a way of bringing us to a natural inner place of meditation and peace.

This year though has been a long haul. Many of our lives are nowhere near back to normal since Covid.  Now the elections are adding more stress.  How are you with all of this? I am sure you have your great moments and not so great moments.

It is possible to be at your best even under stress. We have all had peak moments in our lives.  Maybe it is the birth of a child, or a job well done at work. It could be the day you got married, or for others the day they got divorced. There is never a judgment on the way we all need to go through life. But there are moments of being in our power.

So often when we have these peak experiences we wait for another peak experience to happen to us. We may even feel like our life is stagnating or boring since nothing great has happened in a long time. It’s a great ploy of our conditioned mind, or our ego mind to keep us from remembering those experiences now. We may feel since they aren’t happening now, they must not be real anymore.

The fact is how we feel in any given moment is the momentum for our future experiences. If we are bemoaning the fact that life isn’t so great at the moment then we are actually on the trajectory of ‘life isn’t so great’.

So if life isn’t feeling so great how can we change that? One way is to remember a peak time when you were at your best. So pick a moment in your life when you felt empowered and in the flow.  Use it as a meditation. Close your eyes if you want. How did this peak experience make you feel?  Really check it out. Does your breathing become deeper, do your shoulders drop and your posture become more in alignment? Do you notice the subtle energy moving in your body in a certain way? Just sit for a few moments remembering a memory when you were at your best. Now relive it fully, be back in the experience, and feel it.

Once you have the experience of being at your best, drop the memory, and be with just the experience of how it makes you feel. This is always available to us. This is actually who we are all the time when we allow ourselves to let go of our conditioned mind.  It is when we are touching the still place within us that these memories can even show up. And it is remembering these moments that reconnects us to our Higher Self.

So even during times like these that we are living through now, you can still be at your best. When you step into being at your best more frequently you will be in a better mood. This will set the tone of your day, and now you are on a different trajectory of life, one with more possibilities.

The discovery of who you are at your best and bringing that into your life as an ongoing way of being, comes from the MythoSelf work of Joseph Riggio.
To have the experience and to shift into having it as a natural way of being, you may contact Vishali Shahin for a private session.

Vishali Shahin BS R.N.
Certified Meditation Instructor,
Spiritual Counselor,
Vortex Tour Guide,
And Spiritual Journey Guide.