Who knew that COVID would still be such a huge part of our lives so many months later. Because of the changes in our social interactions, many of us spend a lot of time alone.  Whether you are appreciating this time alone or not, it can bring up feelings that take us away from self love which makes us fearful and worried.  It’s natural for these thoughts to come up, but to dwell on them can derail our inner world.

How do we endure these changes in our lives?  Without a connection to some transcendent ideal (God, Higher Self, Spirit) it is impossible.
It is an act of Self Love to reconnect since we make a conscious choice to feel better.

How can we stay connected during these difficult times?

Simply deep breathing: Taking in a deep breath alerts our body we are not in flight or flight and that we are safe. It also brings down lactic acid levels in the bloodstream, which increases feelings of anxiety.  Deep breathing allows the heart rate to slow, allowing more blood to fill the heart’s chambers and this allows more oxygen to flow. So there are actual physiologic changes in the body. Our physiology can make us feel worried and frightened when we aren’t.

Gratitude is another way.  We have heard this before, but do we do it? The mind can complain because it doesn’t have what it wants in the future NOW.  When we keep our attention in the future it’s a great ego ploy of keeping us ungrateful. Look around, what do you have to be grateful for. Make it simple, running water, air-conditioning, a couch, food, friends you can rely on. When we stay in the present the list is huge. We tend to take these things for granted, mostly because we are in our imagined future. Bring your attention back to what is happening at this moment as often as you catch yourself being distracted.

Meditation:  Meditation lowers levels of stress and anxiety, much for the same reasons deep breathing does. Plus it stills the brainwaves bringing more peace and calm. It can also start to change your synaptic connections in your brain, bringing more towards peace and calm into our lives. Neuroplasticity is when the brain rewires itself toward what we are learning and unlearning. In this case, unlearning stress which rewires synaptic connections creating peace. DrJoeDispenza.com 

Accept what is:  I heard a teacher say that getting annoyed or upset is just fighting with reality.  The real reality is God or Spirit. So to fight with reality is fighting with God. Unfortunately knowing this didn’t immediately stop me from getting annoyed, but it gave me an awareness of when I was on automatic.  Be aware of any tendencies that are not accepting what is, and redirect your attention to your Higher Self, and let the process unfold.

Service: We all are in service of someone or something. Even if we are unable to get out and do what we would like in service of others, reassure a friend, be empathic to someone who is going through a hard time.  Don’t underestimate your kindness, even when on the phone with customer service!  Kindness is a huge service.

Surrender:  Let go to a Higher power.  We have also heard this, and I’m sure we all do this. But when we are triggered we are not at all surrendered. When we catch ourselves we can align our will to our Higher Selves will. Just a simple thought. “Let me see this another way” and then as best you can, hand it over.”

Willingness: In ‘A Course In Miracles’ facim.org it is said. “We just need a little willingness. Our mind is very conditioned to Believe what it thinks is true. A little willingness opens us up to other possibilities.

“You don’t have to be perfect
You just have to be willing.”

There are so many other ways to Self Love. Taking a bath, walking in nature, having a nice meal, sitting quietly, reading a book.  As we bring more quiet to what we are doing, the whole world benefits on some level as we are contributing to the quiet we all have.