I have heard from so many sourses, that how we come out of this exerience of Covid over the next several months will set the frame for us going forward in life


When you choose your Higher Mind over the ego mind,
you have already chosen for Inner Peace.

Whether you choose all steps or one step, the
experience leads to peace!

1) Forgive Others – You have heard this a thousand times. Sometimes it’s just too difficult, or it feels like to forgive, means, you condone their actions. Sometimes people seriously do hurtful and harmful things. I have heard people say, “Oh I have forgiven them,” as their voice gets higher pitched and their body gets tense.

Stuffing something isn’t forgiveness, it’s burying the issues deep into your psyche, which isn’t freedom, nor will it lead to inner peace. To forgive is to realize that the person in question wasn’t able to make a better choice, or they would have. Somehow you expected that person to be more evolved than they are (in your opinion of course) and you get really upset when you feel they should have acted differently.

But they didn’t act differently. So, any resentment, anger, judgement, is you not accepting reality as it is, which only is going to upset and hurt you. So to forgive someone, is understanding they are emotionally where they are on their journey. 
And your judgements aren’t going to change this fact.

If you have been raised in Judeo-Christian religions you have heard, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” In reality that is true. Again if they could do better, they would do better. So it’s a matter of accepting that fact and blessing them on their journey and freeing yourself of ideas and concepts of how things ‘should be’.

There is a beautiful DVD called ‘The Power of The Heart’ that is so worth watching. This is not only about the intelligence of the heart’s energy, but the power of forgiveness! ThePowerOfTheHeart.com

2) Forgive yourself – I have done some stupid and pretty embarrassing things in my life. At times (thank goodness, rarely now, so the practices do work!) I can hear myself say, “I should have known better!” Yes, but obviously I didn’t.

In this instance, I am making myself wrong for being on a learning curve with something. When something like this comes up for you, take a look at old beliefs and judgements you’re holding onto. In my case I looked back into my life and saw that there would be no other choice for me to have acted in those moments given my life experience.

Once I saw what was causing the issue, I had choice, and was able to let it go. We are also holding ourselves up to a very high standard. If you really can’t find the issue, that’s still ok, just being willing to forgive yourself is huge. So to forgive yourself is to accept where we had been at one point in our life, and that we have learned from it. This definitely leads to inner peace.

3) Letting go of past events – The person in that past event that may be upsetting you, is no longer you. Once you learn something about a situation in your life you literally are neurologically different.

There is something called neuroplasticity where the brain synapses literally change when we learn something new. The only way to bring back the old ‘you’ is to bring it back in thought, and not let it go. If things come up…. and they do! Continue to let it go, continue reminding yourself that you are no longer the person in the past. It’s more than an affirmation, this reminding yourself and choosing the truth, is literally what changing your neurology.

Some people think that if you have fully let something go, it will never cross your mind again. This isn’t true. The litmus test is whether you still get triggered or if you are neutral about it, possibly even loving.

4) Be Grateful – I never loved this one. I always felt either you are grateful or you’re not. But here again, it is a decision, a choice to BE grateful. It’s actually a practice!

One way to get this experience into the routine of your life is something from Heart Math, called heart coherence.
For people who would like more information about heart coherence check out their website. The practices of Heart Math are designed for love and inner peace. HeartMath.Com

Basically, the practice is:
Getting comfortable and taking a few relaxing breaths.
Put your attention on your heart. (Placing your hand, or fingers on your heart helps keep your attention there).
Choose a restorative emotion like, compassion, appreciation, or gratitude.
Breathe in the emotion through your heart. (as if you can breathe in and out of your heart)
Breath the emotion out through your heart.
Keep doing this for at least 3 minutes, (more is great)
On one of the last exhales breath the emotion to a person, surrounding them with this emotion. Next exhale to a place, then to the world. Envelope the world with this emotion.

It’s a simple 3-minute exercise that brings our heart online for several hours. Make this a practice even before you get out of bed, and as you take a few minutes before sleep.

5) Be Present – This is something we have heard often. With so many distractions in our world, how do we stay present? When you notice feeling overwhelmed, or frustrated, just STOP, and, you guessed it, BREATHE!

Taking a breath alerts the body that it is not in danger. It brings us out of fight or flight. Consciously deciding to let all worries and concerns go even if it’s just for a few seconds. Bring yourself to the present moment several times a day is one great way to break rapport with the ego mind and to come back into rapport with our Higher Self, one second at a time. It’s what I call the One Second Cure.

The One Second Cure / Practice being present.
STOP! What you are doing when you notice you are feeling unsettled.
Take a deep breath.
Let all thoughts go for a few seconds or more.
Breathe again.
(For added bonus send love to whatever was on your mind…Just for a second, or two, or three… or more!).

6) Be willing – The most important step to inner peace is to be willing.
Be willing to do steps 1-4. Just read and re-read these steps. Take it one second at a time. You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to be willing. To be willing cuts us some slack. We can be so hard on ourselves for not doing things ‘right’.

Be willing to forgive others.
Be willing to forgive yourself.
Be willing to let go of past events.
Be willing to be grateful.
Be willing to be present.
AND be willing to be willing.

Write a list of things you are willing to do, that up until now you felt were difficult, or maybe you had been resisting.

7) Surrender – When things in our life come up, we may sometimes find ourselves resistant to implementing any of these ideas.
Using the Surrender Technique by Gian Girardi, is very useful in this case.
Every time we surrender or let something go it is a choice for inner peace. To surrender is simply putting out an intention or a prayer for letting something go.

It could sound like: (To whomever you pray or make intentions to).

“I am having trouble forgiving that person for what they did.
I surrender this (anger, resentment. ect…) to You completely, and I ask that I see this as a forgiving heart would. (Or replace it with the peace of God/Spirit).
Thank you, thank you, thank you, yes, yes, yes.

So just be willing. Give it a go, whether you choose to use all steps or put one or two of these steps into practice, it doesn’t matter, just begin to free yourself into

Let me know how this has helped you and remember:

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect,
You Just Have to Be Willing.

Vishali Shahin BS R.N.
Certified Meditation Instructor.
Spiritual Counselor
Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner

Vishali is available for private session via Skype, Zoom or phone