Sedona has been a spiritual mecca for many people. However, it has recently become quiet and mostly still as people are in their homes living with social distancing. As is probably true in your area as well, there are now orders to shelter in place by the Governor until April 30th, maybe longer. Sedona has turned inward, as has the world. Spirituality has taken on a deeper experience as everything we have been familiar with has changed as we know it for now.

Many people tend not to like uncertainty, and yet we have all been plunged into it. For the rare person it is a welcome reprieve, an unexpected welcome retreat. For others it is fear and anxiety producing. Whether you are experiencing this with patience and trust or fear and anxiety, all emotions are understandable and every one of them IS our spiritual work…..if we choose it.

Even those who are living in trust can have moments of fear and anxiety come up, and this is not any less spiritual… IF you choose to look at it, breathe through it and surrender it.

It’s only when we take those feelings and project it outward in blame and panic that we loose inner ground with ourselves. In A Course In Miracles,   we are always reminded to choose Spirit, or God’s thought process over the ego’s thought process. All true spirituality will lead you to the same thing. Choose.

In choosing that does not mean you will not experience fear, anxiety, or even panic. The difference is seeing these emotions as energy that is coming up to be released, instead of projecting onto others around us, whether that is governments, family, friend, or even ourselves.

The ego thought system is all about guilt, fear, and hatred. If we are really honest, our fear and anxiety, and anger have hate at their root. Can we admit hatred is there (from the ego point of view) and surrender the false identification with the thoughts that float through our head?

This Corvid-19 situation can bring up so much stuff for us that make sense on a very practical level. Our income, paying our bills, seeming loss of freedom, loss of control. Plans drastically changed, and now stuck in the house most of the time. Possibly with people you don’t want to be with all the time.

On my tours, we do an exercise where we pretend we can externalize the ego mind and have a conversation with it, even giving it a name. Once we really look at this ego mind and externalize it, would we actually choose to hang out with this energy if it were an actual person? The answer is always, “NO, we would not.” I created the above exercise for my tours based on the book the Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer: So, if we wouldn’t hang out with this ‘person’ if it actually were a person, how do we deal with thoughts that come up?

The clouds of the ego thought system can be dense. As we let those clouds float by, we are back in sunshine. Simple analogy, but how do we put that in practice? I have a process for you below that you can easily follow.

During this time of quarantine and isolation, it is really important to choose your Higher Self. The ego mind loves taking us down and it is very skilled at it. Never will it have an uplifting thing to say. We don’t really want to believe it, we don’t really want to feel badly, but it makes so much sense!  But only when we are looking at the world from its point of view.

We wouldn’t consciously choose these thoughts. Of course not. But they run beneath the surface. Now that the world has stopped us in our tracks, our ego thoughts are going to try and take center stage even more.

Can we use this time to have a shift in our inner world, to find that peace is present no matter what is happening in the outside world?

The process below is for those times when strong feelings and emotions come up and you want to let them go instead of believing the fear and anxiety and projecting them outward which keeps the fear going. It is a downward flowing loop.                                                                      

Ok, here’s the EXERCISE:  


Willingness to actually do the process is required.

“Remember You Don’t Have To Be Perfect, You Just Have
To Be Willing”

Vishali Shahin

*Allow a feeling to come up you may be experiencing. (fear, anxiety, panic, worry,)
Don’t run and do something like watch a show, or call a friend. 

*Breathe deeply; several deep breaths, in and out. Follow the breath in and out. Watch yourself breath. (Deep breathing takes us out of fight or flight; it reminds the body it is safe).

*Sit and observe the sensations in the body. Be curious, do not judge yourself for having this energy show up.

*Don’t make it mean anything. When thoughts come up, throw them back into the sea of consciousness and come back to your breath. Don’t buy into the egos thought system and story. Remember it is a master story teller.

*Feel the feeling again without judgement and without story. You may want to go back into your mind and notice other times that this has come up. Is there something there you can forgive and let go of? Whether something specific comes up or not…

*Say: ‘this is not real. This is just energy and I call my power back from it.

*Then surrender it. (Call on your Higher Self, God, Universe, Source, however you prefer to relate and hand it over). It could be as simple as admitting how you are feeling in this moment. Example: “I am feeling fear and anxiety right now and it’s making me worried and distracted. I hand this over to you so I may feel peace instead of this.” It’s not just words, its also your willingness to switch attention and choose your Higher Self, God, Source, again however you prefer to connect.

*Reconnect with an uplifting feeling you’ve had in your life. 
Just call it back up and breathe that in. Remember to remember. Those feelings of love, joy, success, are always there, they are just clouded over. They are always there. It’s the willingness to reconnect with them.

*You may have to repeat this process over again.  The idea is we are choosing not to continue to believe the ego mind, and we are turning towards our Higher Self constantly whenever we are aware. Each time you are letting go of something, until it is healed.
*See from a higher perspective. Now you are more able to see the situation from a higher perspective than from the ego’s perspective. Possibilities can now show up that didn’t have room to come through before.

During this time choose again, and again, and breathe….

Oh! and watch comedies and comedians. There is some great stuff out there!  Laughter literally helps the immune system!

Vishali Shahin B.S., R.N

Vishali is a retired Registered Nurse, Certified Mediation Instructor, Certified Quatum Touch Practictioner, and Spiritual Life Coach and a Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tour Guide.