Our shared experience of Covid-19 

While we’re in this shared experience with the Covid pandemic, I’ve been sitting here in Sedona and finding it all humbling – and simultaneously, strangely welcomed. 

Of course, I’d much rather be outside, leading Vortex and Spiritual Journey tours. Instead I find myself in my very own Spiritual Journey tour – in a place of quiet and contemplation.

How we go through this experience is what we will finally bring out with us. Fears and anxiety may come up – but those feelings can be utilized for a ‘letting go’ and allowing peace to be more present.  

As I was sitting in quiet, a memory from my time in India came up:

I was in an elevator in Mumbai. I was looking at a young Indian woman standing with her family. As the doors closed, our eyes connected – we couldn’t be more dissimilar. Me in my Western clothes, short sleeves, knee-length dress, short haircut and makeup. She was entirely draped in black, with only her face showing. Her clothing all the way to the floor. We smiled at each other as the doors closed between us. In that instant, my heart literally exploded in love. I not only felt it, I heard it inwardly. BOOM!  Love was flooding my being. On the level of what could be seen with the eyes, there was no shared experience in our cultural upbringing. Yet there it was – that undeniable moment of divine love. I was left with the realization that she and I were One Being. No separation. No differences.

Every human is the same consciousness. It’s not that we’re similar as people, it’s that we are literally the same. It is a shared experience even if it is not yet in our awareness,  The realization in that moment was so visceral, it exploded in my heart.

In this Covid-quarantine time, we can continue in the fray of social media, keeping our differences intact. It’s easy to do, as we are engaged and enraged at the seeming differences between us. I fell back into this trap as well for some time, as it all seems so important. These ‘differences’ are what evoke fear and hatred in us. This too is a shared experience,but is this the shared experience which will bring us peace?  Sadly, it’s how we maintain our need to be right and separate from the love that we all inherently know is us.

You don’t have to have the experience I had in India to feel connected. Simple kindness works to immediately connect us. And it’s not only kindness for your tribe, (you know, everybody who agrees with your opinions) but to all people. Even the people who upset you.

Have you noticed if you make even one comment on social media, there are instantly a ton of comments, flying in every direction, some evoking outright hatred?

Are we culpable for that thread on that post?  Maybe.  We aren’t responsible for how others think, but we are responsible for what we are putting out in the world. So in that respect we are culpable. It just keeps these feelings alive in us and separate from our Source.

I sat back and realized that even in our quarantine, there is still a cacophony of opinions hanging in the ether. We can join in on this and think we are making a difference on social media, or we can decide this isn’t really useful to maintaining our inner peace.

What would be the point of this quarantine if we come out exactly the same on the other end of this?  Some people will stay the same. This experience is very humbling and if nothing else, shows how we are all vulnerable together.

A great practice is loving the people of the opposite political party as you. Ram Dass (aka Richard Alpert) said years ago, that until you can put a picture of the political person you really don’t like on your altar and love them just the same as your spiritual teacher, God, Source, etc., you aren’t making progress.

OUCH! More inner work to do, but that is why we are here.

If you can’t love someone you disagree with, then just send them love. It does take a little willingness to see the world differently. Will we fail at this? Absolutely – but then just choose the willingness again and again and again. 

When this quarantine is done, won’t it be wonderful to join with others in this shared experience that has rocked us all?

The video I made here is a loving reminder that we are all in this life together, as One.