Many people come to Sedona for personal healing. This blog will show you how to use the vortex energy to heal relationships.

Sometimes our stories are right there in the Red Rocks of Sedona. The spiritual healing is all around us if we just notice.  As we get quiet, whether in formal mediation or in contemplation, the energy of Sedona is reflecting back to us our inner world.

There is a lovely story of relationship and healing, and that story is right in the rock formation of Cathedral Rock. Consider the implications to your own relationship and how you can start to bring healing and Spirit back into your life if that is what’s needed.

Here is that wonderful story using the vortex energy to heal relationships.

Many many years ago a young couple fell in love and decided to get married. They looked for a place to live and the found a beautiful spot right on the creek. They had fresh water, fish, and berries were already growing so they decided to live there! They were so happy and they got along so well basking in the glow of love…….for about 2 years before the bickering began!

Then one day she said something to her husband that wasn’t so kind. “Well!” she said, “if you would just pick the berries my way we could be off swimming in the creek by now. You are always so slow!” 

Offended, her husband couldn’t believe what he was hearing, after all, he hunted for her, and he provided protection, and only wanted to make her happy. He couldn’t understand why she was speaking to him like that.
He answered back with hurt feelings.

The next thing you know they were blaming each other and arguing all the time. The peace and tranquility of the area was broken. They hardly could stand each other anymore let alone know why they ever got married.

This went on for some time before a serpent came up from the water and admonished them saying “This is a vortex place of peace and tranquility, and you are disturbing the energy here. If you two want to live here you need to learn to get along! Use the vortex energy to heal your relationship or get out!”

Opening his wings widely and looking from side to side the serpent said, “Each one of you is an individual and has your own destiny,” by yourself you can only see 180 degrees of the circle, but if you stand back to back you can see the full 360 degrees. Learn to be partners in what you both do well.

If you learn to get along and quit projecting your stuff onto each other you can stay, otherwise just leave!!”.  The couple thought about this. They contemplated what it would mean to take responsibility for their own feeling and quit blaming their partner for their own unhappiness.

It took inner work and awareness of what they were doing, but mostly it took getting back into their heart, back into human spirit, and let their human instinct/ego go. They learned to be more empathetic and kind to their partner. They learned to speak more from love than from fear and control.

They decided to stay. Yes, it took work, but mostly it took a simple willingness to see things differently.

Now.. it’s not that they never argued, they did. But they stopped blaming, and they worked out what ever came up. They learned to live in peace, and acceptance, and real love. They continued to live there for many decades, and when they died their spirits went into the rocks so that all could know that it is possible to live in integrity and love.

When we are coming from human spirit we are connecting to the upward flowing vortex energy that connects us with our Higher Selves. When we are blaming and arguing, we are connecting to the lower flowing vortex, which activates our worldly life. The proper use of the lower flowing vortex energy is to allow things to come up to be released and healed, NOT to project outward.

So now look at the picture with this blog. It is a picture of Cathedral Rock. Look at the 2 middle spires, notice the smaller one on the right and see clearly there is a man and a woman standing back to back.

Coming from human spirit in our communications takes not only practice, but a willingness. When you are here in Sedona come take a Vortex Tour or a Couples Sacred Vortex Tour with Sedona Healing Journey and bring this story and the vortex energy more deeply into your life for continued transformation.

All true spiritual work leads to the same place. Different paths express differently. The work of Alison Armstrong whose mission is bringing peace on earth through working with gender differences, has a world wide reach has been bringing healing to couples even near the brink of divorce for decades. Her website is

Choosing between our higher self, vs ego is inspired A Course In Miracles and the best book I ever read The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard.  

Experience the simple decision between human spirit and human instinct. Learn to use the vortex energy to heal your relationships.

When you book a tour and mention this blog, you will receive a free meditation cd download to assist you in bringing this experience home with you.