I remember

Sedona is a place that draws people to their inner knowing. Just being here opens people up to possibilities. Whether it is for healing, or spirituality or an inner journey, people come here for inner rest and peace.

We bring with us our ideas and judgments of others not realizing that we are bringing the stuff of our lives to heal and let go.

It doesn’t matter what our opinions are of other people or how we think they should be. We may even feel they are closed off and limited (in or opinion of course). The fact is we are all from the same Source.

One day I went into a chapel on a tour and watched so many different people sitting still in silence. As I watched them all judgement dropped away and I purely saw that no matter who we are, at the core of ourselves we are all being called back home, and somehow we remember it. Not always consciously, but we do remember.

We all remember something of who we really are. Whether the people sitting there had that awareness or were just sitting in silence the fact is in that moment they were connecting to something beyond the busy mind.

My first real remembrance came as I was spiritually seeking and wanting to heal the suffering in my life.

I was with a Buddhist group then who started to wake up my inner knowing, but something was missing, that much I knew intuitively.

At that time to say I was a mixed up person would be an understatement. There comes a time in everyone’s life that we know here has got to be another way. Once that thought is out there it is like a door opening to our pathway home.

In my life the realization that there had to be another way for me to live my life began my journey. It was driven by a book I had read many years ago as a teenager. Herman Hess’ book Siddhartha. Here was a man…a regular person who became the Buddha! If it were possible for him it has to be possible for me too…. period. So my intention to find the living Buddha began.

It actually was my litmus test for whether a path was real or not. Where is your living Buddha became my foremost question.

My journey took to to the feet of a living Master. Someone who was in the Buddha’s state of consciousness. I got a phone call from a friend asking me if I wanted to hear a talk about some ‘lady guru’ coming to town. I was open, so I went. The speaker came before hand to give a talk about their teacher who was coming to town in two weeks. As I listened I began to get the feeling this teacher was enlightened.

After the talk and I had a chance to go and introduce myself to the speaker, I said “She sounds enlightened”. He said, “Yes she is, we call her our living Buddha”. The fact is she is not called that, but that is what I needed to hear. The universe had inspired this man to say that for me, and now nothing could keep me away from meeting her.

Two weeks later I was in a room of a few thousand people who were there to greet her. The love that flowed freely from these people to her was strange to me ….. I was completely cut off from my heart and anything resembling real love and connection, so to see these people gushing with love made me feel really uncomfortable.

I continued to stand in line to meet her. The line went on for hours as she sat there and allowed people to just be in the presence of her energy. People recognized this energy, because it IS us. SiddhaYoga.org

As I slowly inched up the line my mind was going crazy with all it’s ideas, judgements, concepts, beliefs, and did I mentions judgements, yes judgements. Lot’s of those.

My mind was going over a million miles an hour and when it was my time to meet her I was intent on asking her a question. I had questions and I knew she had answers. So in order to be on the level to speak with her I knelt down on a step facing her which brought me eye level to her.

As soon as my knees hit that step her head swung in my direction making eye contact with me, I fell into complete silence. I was transfixed and unable to move as I fell deeper into myself. I was relieved, I heard myself inwardly say, 
“I remember…I remember who I am, I am not what I think I am at all”.. For the first time in my life my mind was quiet, still, transfixed.

I remembered her and I remembered me. Not as a person, or a personality, I was looking into the eyes of God and being called back home. I remember.

I never did have the ability in that moment to ask her the question that was so important to me. I managed to move away from her …. it was like tearing away from a tractor beam. I still had too much ego to let this experience absorb me completely. I mean after all I had a question to ask. So I found someone who worked there to come up and introduce me so I could speak.

I wish I could say that releasing and letting go of the ego identification was easy. It is not. But it is simple. A principle teaching from A Course In Miracles is the question “who are we listening to, the ego or our God Self?” Simple yes, easy no. But this is the practice. FACIM.org
But the remembrance was a calling home that has always stayed with me as my intention of letting go of the ego identification began that day and continues.

So like everyone else on this planet we are in a process of remembering who we really are. Just like the people who sat in silence in that chapel connecting to their own remembrance.

Who are we really? What is being pulled back home? Great question…. The journey begins.

People start that journey in so many ways. Many people come to Sedona knowing inherently that there is something here for them. There is so many energies that bring people to a place of stillness, a place of rest which in todays world we very much need.

Whether on a Vortex Tour or a Spiritual Journey Tour either tour is a great place to reconnect with your inner Beingness and with the earth.  SedonaHealingJourney.com