People come to Sedona for a personal connection to the energy here. There is a spiritual aspect of being amongst the red rocks that people intuit. No matter where we are or what we are doing we all want inner peace. Sedona is the perfect place to reconnect with that peace. There is a sense of being at home here. Sedona itself isn’t home, but the energy of Sedona evokes in us that place of peace within us, and THAT is home.

We all have this inner knowing, this remembrance of who we really are, and yet somehow we have become unfamiliar with in our daily rush of life. And so we stand in awe of the beauty here, but we are really just remembering our own connection to Spirit. There is a lot of energy here that is conducive to getting us back to remembering our natural state, and that is what we talk about and experience on a Vortex tour.

Fight or flight is something that we are all familiar with when there is a real danger that we need to deal with. The issue today is everything can be perceived as a real danger, everything has us on edge from traffic to politics. It’s tricky to relax into being peaceful when we are always on guard. How can we be peaceful when the world seems to be falling apart?

So we look to meditation, yoga healings and clearings. All this is extremely useful, but unless we start working with the mind we will remain stuck in the realm of suffering and pain.

The mind is the only game in town. It can lead us in any direction. We know when our thoughts are more positive we are feeling good and when our thoughts are negative we feel miserable.

So often we feel we are at the whim of serendipities wishing for good thoughts and feelings again. It seems like we can never get to being more positive when we are feeling bad. “How can I get there from here!”

In my twenties I was rarely in a good mood (as I would put it). When a good mood happened I was amazed by the lightness of the feeling and happy to experience it…only to watch it fade into my usual gloomy state. I was at the whim of my minds wanderings. I hadn’t connected the dots yet.
Maybe we have connected the dots and we know our thoughts create our feeling state. But we wonder ‘how can I be more positive with all this horrible stuff in my life, and the world being the way it is. I have problems after all!”

Dr. Joe Dispenza demonstrates that we are being run by old synaptic connections in the brain. As we become aware and start changing our thoughts by intention, we create new (positive) synaptic connections.

We really do control how we feel with our thoughts. Maybe the outside world will change and maybe it won’t. But what will change is your reaction to it.

In A Course In Miracles it is said “Seek Not To Change The World, But Choose To Change Your Mind About The World.” So the same situation can trigger us into distraction or we can become more neutral or down right peaceful. This doesn’t mean you don’t act in the world. Of course you still do what you must, but it comes from doing what you feel inspired to do, and not doing things from fear.

So how can we change our thoughts? Keep reading.

Most of us are still living in the idea that if we can only change the outside world then we can be happy. Just look at the ‘outside’ world. What have we created (collectively) with our minds? All our ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, judgements have created a world of suffering and fear.

As we awaken we start to see our own participation in the events we see on the ‘outside’. How can we change the world then? You can’t. That’s not to say we shouldn’t do things in the world that will affect the whole. It’s just that as we change how we see the world then can we find peace within our beingness. That is how we shift, ourselves and others, and ultimately the world.

For people who grew up in our Judeo-Christian religions you may be familiar with the saying of Jesus “Be in this world but not of it.” How does one do that? I mean we seem to be right here. How on earth can I be in this world and not of it? To understand this, and to want this, is our door to real inner peace.

As life happens we get right in there with our worries, and fears anxieties concerns opinions self righteousness. The list goes on, we are very familiar with these states of being and how they feel. We actually feel this IS us. 
“I am angry” “I am confused” “I am jealous.” These are ego traits. You see I didn’t say “our ego traits.” It about time we start having a little dissociation from the energy that is truly wanting drama in our lives.

The ego energy is a drama queen. As a matter of fact If it’s not uplifting it’s always the ego. If it’s not uplifting it is not God, Source, Spirit, whatever one chooses to call our inner peaceful state of being.

For those of us who are inwardly defending the ego by saying “well if it weren’t for my ego I wouldn’t get anything done. I need my ego, I choose to be kind and understand my ego”

Well here is something to understand, the ego is not out for your highest good. This is also a defense by the ego for loyalty to it. But it tells us “Don’t get rid of me I do great things ya know!” Anything great that we do comes from our Higher Self.

We will always act while we are here, that is a given. But which teacher are we listening to ego or Higher Self, God, Spirit? Again what ever you feel comfortable with.

We can only see the world from our conditioned point of view. It’s actually impossible for you to look at it in any other way. Everyone in this world is also seeing the world from their point of view. Now look where that has gotten us. The ego mind is very dramatic and wants our attention on IT and away from our Spiritual Self.

So as we identify with the ego mind we are now OF the world, we are completely in it and believing every story it spins. It’s a great story spinner and it creates some really dramatic events.

So how do we live in this world but not of it. With vigilance on what the ego mind is up to!

We don’t have a choice until we do. I know that sounds strange, but think about it. We actually don’t have a choice….until we do, until we open to other possibilities in life. When we do have a choice are we implementing that choice?
So many people in this world are not working in a place of choice.
We would like to think people can make better choices, but if they could they would have. Again look at the outside world. What we see is the conditioned mind at play. We would like to think we are acting from our Higher Mind, but are we really choosing it?

If we were really creating with our higher mind we would be more peaceful and we would let people be as they are. We would get our opinions out of their experiences and let awaken in their own time.

So how can we be more accepting in a world such as this? Look at the ideas and concepts that come out of our mouths and ask if this is from God’s point of view or the ego’s point of view. It’s not like we will never not choose the ego..of course we will. Begin to watch, question, and allow yourself to shift over to Higher Self’s point of view. One thought at a time.

With the ego it’s an all or nothing proposition. If we aren’t perfect first time out the gate with our intentions. It reminds us how much a failure we are. Remember, if it’s not uplifting it’s ALWAYS the ego. Anyway you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing to see what the ego mind is up to and to choose otherwise.

I have to be honest. Even though I heard it a thousand times that people are too identified with the ego, I had no idea how NOT to be so identified since after all “I” was doing the best that I could to ‘evolve’ spiritually. The ego mind doesn’t want you to get a clue that this insanity isn’t you. It convinces us that we are making progress on the spiritual path when in actuality we are still in the realm of the ego thought system.

It wasn’t until Michael Singers book ‘The UntetheredUntethered Soul’ that the ‘how to’ became clear. He talks about the inner roommate. This maniacal energy that has us going in every possible direction but peace. It’s an energy that we somehow just accept as us. What Michael helped me see it that this isn’t us at all. If we were to externalize this inner roommate we wouldn’t even hang out with such a person, and we definitely wouldn’t take advise from them.

This became a more playful way of doing spiritual work for me. I am constantly catching the ego mind at it’s ploys to keep me separate from Spirit/God.

This goes along so well with ‘A Course In Miracles’, with the clear teaching of which teacher are we listening to, Higher Mind/Holy Spirit or ego mind?

On the tours by Sedona Healing Journey we learn to playfully catch the ego and its ploys of keeping us in a state of suffering and choose the peace within instead.”