Improving and becoming

In Sedona many of us come here on a spiritual journey to empower ourselves. We come to the Vortexes of Sedona to feel the healing and spiritual energy here. On the private vortex and spiritual journey tours we begin a real journey home, and it’s not always what we think it is, yet it is so simple.

From the moment we arrive on this planet it is all about improving ourselves and becoming something.  As soon as we can speak as children the question is asked. “What do you want to be when you grow up’?  It’s as if we are so uncomfortable with the innocence of a child that we have to change it right away so we can relate to this child by contaminating its innocence with becoming something other than what that child is in that moment.

The movement to not be in the moment begins.

We spend our lives in pursuit of a non existent future. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not enough so we stay in the pull of improving and becoming anything other than what we actually are.

When we wake up enough to realize there has to be another way, that realization is the doorway to our spiritual awakening. We realize there is more to our lives than what we have been conditioned to believe.  Now we take this conditioning to the spiritual journey which is now fraught with improving and becoming someone who is more spiritual. We strive to be better, to become enlightened, as if we know what that is.

To be fair there is an inherent calling inwardly to ‘BE’ to return home in a sense. But who is returning home?  As we drop the idea of improving and becoming it’s because we realize that it is back to just Beingness.

The conditioning is strong, and we have to start somewhere. The Vortex and Healing Journey tours are a wonderful reminder of our connection to Beingness.