I was meditating here in Sedona on one of the vortexes, considering the vortex energy and how to best utilize it for our healing.

It struck me that the chakras are like the ego’s junk drawers. Whatever issue we have, the ego stuffs it away in the appropriate drawer.  Is it a financial concern or lack of anything in our lives, or just not feeling safe in the world? Wonderful! Let’s stuff that in the first drawer or chakra.  Or maybe you have a control issue, one that you are aware of in yourself, or you are projecting outwards, as you see everyone else’s control issues in play, and you then ‘blame’ the outside world. Ok, then, let’s put that in the third chakra. Here’s one a lot of us can relate to – maybe another love of your life has left you yet again.  Great! That goes in the fourth chakra.

You get the idea. The ego’s job is to keep us away from our Higher Mind, Spirit Mind, Universe, Source Energy, however you relate to this Higher Power.

If we are distracted by our issues and engaged deeply in our troubles, then we are focused on the illusory ‘outside’ world. And if we are focused on the ‘outside’ world there is one place we are not, and that is in our inner world or relating to the Higher aspects of our self.

Yet, we do need to be here and to relate to the world we live in. But are we doing it from our reactive ego mind, which has used our chakras as its junk drawers? Or are we emptying out the trash so there is more energy to relate to the world, from our Higher Self’s point of view? The outcomes of that choice is very different.

As we come to Sedona, the Vortex energies are here to support us in our connection to God and to release what prevents that connection.

On the vortex tour, we not only make that connection, but we get in touch with how to empty the ego’s junk drawers. Emptying the junk drawers is a way of looking at removing the blocks to our natural inheritance, which is the presence of love.

“The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance”  – A Course In Miracles –   www.Acim.org