Sedona is always a great place to come for emotional healing and meditations. It’s a place where the energy is conducive for us to easily connect with our spirituality and  for healing the issues of our lives.
This is why people come to the Vortex energy here.

We all experience feelings, sensations, and emotions. When they feel good we are happy, and we claim those feeling as our own.  When they don’t feel so great like with anger, frustration, anxiety or worry we tend to ‘find a reason’ and blame others by projecting it outward. We want to get those feelings away from us, since we feel this is “NOT me… it’s you that is making me feel this way.”  

Just about everyone in the world is doing the same thing. The outer world becomes like a garbage dump of our emotions, just look what we have collectively created. 

Our ego mind does not want to claim the feelings it labels as negative so it dumps them on other people creating many stories.

But what if we realize these feeling and emotions are just energy arising. As emotions come up, what would happen if we stopped believing the ego mind and the stories it is telling us and started just sitting with this energy and allowing it to release?

It’s the process of projecting out onto someone or something else that keeps the story and the feeling alive. We enter into the ego’s story and make everything we feel real. This is how we get stuck in our heads and in our problems, and create drama.

As we release the feelings without projecting them onto others, the energy that arises isn’t labeled, it is allowed to dissipate. The result is more inner freedom. We may still have to deal with the situation that brought up the feeling or emotion but now we can choose to respond to our situation and stop with the knee jerk reacting that can and does occur.

We all seek for a more peaceful life this is how we can have more inner peace and stillness. 

Just sit with it and let it go. 

Vishali is available for Spiritual Counseling Sessions.