So many people come to Sedona’s Vortexes for spiritual awakening and healing. There are many tours and retreats to choose from. Inherently we all want to have a spiritual healing.

And what are we healing but the wounds of our life. These wounds show up as the opinions, ideas, beliefs, and judgements that we assume are us. They show up as the divisive experience we are seeing in the world today. People on all spectrums are blaming “the others” of spewing hatred based on old inner wounds. Instead of healing, most people dump their wounds on the world. Take a look and see how that is working out!

Hate is the denial of the truth, not the relative truth of this world, but the truth of who we actually are. It’s a brilliant design by the ego to keep us entrapped, and since it seems so logical we can fall for it. Damn I hate that!

I’ve heard some of the most spiritual people say, “oh I don’t hate anyone anymore”, but if someone comes up with an opposite political opinion than they have or someone hurts their feelings, watch the anger rise. That is hatred.

Quite honestly there is nothing right or wrong about it, just a decision if we would like to express ourselves like that while we are here. Of course emotions arise, the difference is whether we work with it responsibly or dump it on someone else.

Who is this you you think you are, that has opinions, judgements, beliefs ect. Of course these questions have deep spiritual implications… and yet we are run more from our neurology than we realize.

As we live and experience life from our culture and families points of view and of course our egos point of view, which is a very complex and divisive thought system, we actually form neuro-networks in our brains that fire with our thoughts. So as we believe a certain ideology we are just being run by our neurons. Dr. Joe Dispenza demonstrates this in his TedTalk. He explains that as we change our thinking we change our neurons. (link below)

This is basic neruoplasticity. Dr. Joe Dispenza demonstrated that neurons actually connect and disconnect creating new synaptic connections based on our thoughts. Most people are walking around letting their neurology run their lives.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want old synaptic connections running my life.

It’s as if we have 3 minds. Our ego mind, which we are all pretty familiar with, our higher mind, (the mind of Awareness), and our decision making mind. Who do we decide to speak with our ego or Awareness?

EVERY one of us is intuitive…(yes even that person over there you think is the worst), the question is how much are we listening to our intuition (our Awareness) and how much are we listening to our ego. All of us have different degrees of involvement and openness to our Awareness, and we have a certain degree of involvement with our egos.

How many people are happy and life is great, we are feeling wonderful, until someone triggers us, and we are off and screaming.

We go from “OM” to “AHHHHHH!” in .0000001 second. How centered on Awareness are we now? Even the person we cannot tolerate the most, is still connected to Awareness or they couldn’t be here. Even if they are connected to Awareness only .01% of the time they are still connected, but putting 99.9% of their attention on the ego, actually thinking those ego thoughts are them.

So one day I was willing to sit and see a particular political person who would trigger me in a new light.

I sat down on my computer and wouldn’t get up until I could see some good in this person, even if my ego could only find an itsy bitsy bit of good. Actually I couldn’t do this from ego, I had to do it from Awareness but It took me several hours of jumping up from my chair as my ego insisted on getting in the way. And finally my body started to settle down and I could see a glimmer of light in this person. I allowed that light to expand and extend. Obviously he wasn’t physically in the room with me but my body initially reacted quite negatively, and then relaxed. I still don’t agree with his politics but I don’t have to wear the badge of hate in my cells either.

Why should thoughts of someone else disturb my peace? It never really was him on the outside that was bothering me, it was ‘him’ on the inside, the part of me that is angry and fearful. This is what we get to heal.

So in sitting and insisting I see this person differently I was changing neurons, the synaptic connections in the body. Room is being made for Awareness, and choosing to releasing a non-existent past.

This is a great time to let all the churning of the world wake us up, to do the inner healing people come to Sedona for, no matter where we presently are.