Sedona is an amazing place, people come here from all over the world for the vortex energy.

Some people come to Sedona to become a better person and heal old wounds. Though this can be part of our growth we are just making a better dream world. The adage has always been ‘you can’t take this with you’ so since that is true, what do we take with us? Who do we want to be when we leave?

It is a place of spirituality and healing. And what are we healing? Our forgetfulness of who we really are. 

It’s absolutely necessary to create a life that we want to be living here, and yet the wounds that we heal are meant to bring us closer to our own inner divinity, not closer to our ego identifications of what we have created. 

We become mesmerized by who it is we think we are. We get lost in our opinions, concepts, ideas, and judgements which take on a life of their own, literally, just look at the world.

There is an old parable from India that tells the story beautifully.  I call it the Mohini Syndrome.

It’s a story of 2 demons that were causing so much chaos and destruction in the world. They had a boon that they could never be killed unless by each other, and since they were brothers who had the same evil agenda the likelihood of them killing each other was nil.

People were so upset with these 2 demons that they begged Lord Vishu for a way out of this horror.  

So Lord Vishu made himself into a beautiful woman who went and introduced herself to the demons. Both of them wanted to marry her, and since only one could, they battled each other for her hand. The story goes on, but in the end they end up killing each other in a great battle and the world is saved.

Lord Vishu has done his job disguised as Mohini, but Mohini notices her reflection in the lake and realized how absolutely beautiful she is and becomes mesmerized by her own form. She begins to realize why the brothers would kill for her. She is no taken by her own beauty that she goes to Lord Shiva and ask him to marry her. He laughs and laughs and he says “I can’t marry you, you are Lord Vishu!  Wake up!

We get mesmerized by the person in the mirror whether we think we look great or terrible we completely identify with the person staring back. Without a doubt we ‘know’ it is us, we are looking right at ourselves in the mirror after all. 

There are many people who know they are not the body, yet even then, we tend to know it intellectually without really knowing the truth of this. Like Mohini we are the Divine, but like Mohini we are mesmerized by what we have been conditioned to see. 

And no matter what path you have chosen to be on it all leads to waking up to who we really are. Like the parable we are all temporarily hypnotized into believing we are Mohini. When we fight with each other we are fighting with ourselves since at the core of our being we are all the same Divinity and we are all coming back to ourselves. 

So as you come to Sedona one way to begin to release old patterns is to take the Spiritual Healing Journey tour and see how we have been conditioned to believe we are still Mohini, until we wake up!