sedona moon, sedona healing moon, Living in Sedona, and being in a vortex area is a place of healing. People come here for meditation, healing, emotional release work, and just getting in touch with themselves.  This is a place where people come because the energy is conducive to taking us to a more centered place within. Sedona is also one of America’s dark cities, which means there is very little ambient light allowing people to fully experience the night sky. 

I remember when I worked as a Registered Nurse, I spent many years working on a trauma unit in Oakland, California where many of our patients were gang members with gun shot wounds. Strangely, they were some of the most appreciative and polite patients I experienced.  Although, like all of us, there was a dark side that brought them to a place where they had been shot and hospitalized.

One night on the ward during a full moon, I went to the window, staring lovingly at the moon, feeling a connection with nature, and experiencing the quiet, when I heard a snicker.  One of my patients said to me, “People out there are killing each other, and there you are tripping on the moon”.  I looked at him and smiled, engaged him for a few minutes, and went about my work.

What are we doing to keep ourselves distracted, and forgetting to trip on the moon?  We don’t have to get shot in a gang war to understand how we keep ourselves in a similar place within ourselves.  

For some of us it’s easy to see; we use drugs, we smoke, we over eat. We are engaged in anger issues, having to be right, social media, arguing politics, and the list goes on.

What healing do we need anyway? It is always something to do with our ego’s interpretation of events as we create stories that keep us stuck in our head. 

Maybe a seed was planted that night with my patient. Maybe he considered tripping on the moon once he got out of the hospital. I will never know.

How often during the day can we stop, we take a breath, connect with ourselves and trip on our inner moon?