Right after 9/11, I was in a workshop with spiritual teacher Carolyn Myss. She said to the group of 1000 people, that she had to consider what she did to contribute to causing that event. As soon as she said this, I knew she was going to implicate us all. She said she wasn’t anti-American, she wasn’t pro-terrorist, she wasn’t even political, but she really contemplated what she did to contribute to the creation of that event.

She said she prayed and meditated on this, and then the answer came to her. Myss said it is as is there were 2 clouds in the sky, and every time she had an altruistic, loving, kind inclusive thought, it was if it went into one cloud and every time she had a hateful, angry, judgmental thought, it’s as if it went into another cloud.  Both clouds will fill to the point of overflowing onto the planet, and thus create an event, and, she really had to consider which one she wanted to contribute to more.

This really hit home with me, since at the time, even though I had been meditating for 15 years I was still proficient at road rage.  I was not yet walking my talk. 

Every time a car cut me off – and it happened a LOT in the Bay Area in California – I would scream and shout and take it as a personal affront. So I contributed to the cloud that had the lower vibration all the time.  Those angry vibrations would fill my body, and anyone else’s body that was in the car with me. They also vibrated out into the world and ended up in the low vibration cloud. 

It’s not how I wanted to be. I had heard about the butterfly effect, which serves as a metaphor for life in a chaotic world. Specifically, it suggests that small events can have very large effects. I never really considered this before. 

If in theory a butterfly can effect the whole, then what are our emotions and actions doing?  All one has to do to consider this is to look at the world as it is now. 

Did I want to continue being part of the energy that causes more chaos in the world or did I want to start walking my talk and bring more love onto the planet?

I decided to change my behavior and start blessing the cars as they went by. The ego doesn’t go down easily. The first time I put my hand up to bless the passing car I couldn’t do it! I was still angry, still resistant, but I was also willing to change. I would put my hand up and bless the driver AND who ever he came in contact with since he or she weren’t driving safely. I hadn’t understood yet that it was me creating my outside world and not the other way around. 

As I extended my blessing to others around that car, I actually felt better, I felt like I was doing something positive for the planet. For sure I was doing something positive for myself as I was more calm and centered, and I wasn’t sending that energy out into the world. 

I started to look forward to the next car that would cut me off since I felt excited now to bless them!  Amazingly enough the energy around me changed and in about 6 months no one cut me off anymore, and I was still living in California.

I was so impressed by this, I decided to take this realization to work as there was a woman at work who was consistently negative. Over many months of sending her love and being ignored as I said hello to her, she finally one day started chatting me up!  Imagine my surprise.

Everything we do either contributes to the down fall or the healing of ourselves and others by what we do and say and how we treat each other. See my blog post on ‘Who Are We Listening to Anyway.”  

We can continue filling ourselves up with anger at everything that happens, and share ‘that’ with the world or we can choose to  bless it.  The choice is ours to make……

Everything is just another moving car.