Do you know someone who has held a grudge for 10, 20, 30 years or more, or maybe you are holding a grudge?

Though the word grudge sounds hard, it does accurately describe the sentiment. Another word is grievance. We hold grievances not only with other people, but with our own lives. Any complaint is really a grievance.  What could compel someone to be so convinced they are right, rather than to soften their view and see that they are causing their own suffering? It’s an extreme need to be right over any other truth.

Look at this world – everyone projects onto the world the very thing they don’t want to look at in themselves. It’s as if they are trying to throw out the garbage from themselves onto others. It doesn’t exactly work, as people then look at their outer creation and continue to complain.

We live in a world of opinions, beliefs, concepts, ideas, thinking this is really who we are. This is really just the ego mind doing a very good job at keeping you away from your Spirit self.

For years, I would hear the teaching that one needs to be vigilant on the spiritual path. I heard it but I never fully understood it. Vigilance had to be for every thought that crosses our mind. EVERY thought.

Every thought either takes you to God or Higher Self or takes you to hell. And hell is the realm of our need to be right, our opinions, ideas, beliefs, every judgment we make that isn’t loving.

Every thought!  The trouble is, so many of us still believe our own thoughts, so we are going along with the conditioned mind.

If it divides, it IS the ego, it doesn’t matter how self righteous a thought is or how relevant it is to our lives on earth. If it comes from anger and judgment, it contributes to the very energy you do not want.

Look at the strife in the world today – this is not a Higher Self creation, this is ego creation. If we all led our lives with the truth of our spiritual self, there would be no need for war, poverty, abuse of any kind, lack of integrity and so on.

So when we believe our minds, our judgments and choose the ego, then we easily can project hatred and blame and much too easily hold grievances and grudges…

It always comes down to this – who are we listening to? Spirit or ego? Spirit is quiet and intuitive, ego is always dramatic, right and screams at us to do its bidding. It’s sad that we don’t see it. The truth is no one can see it – until they can.

Something happens within each soul that wakes us up to love, in a way that softens our most stringent ideas and judgments. Until that happens, those who truly are wanting to listen to Spirit will let the world be without hatred and grievances and let people wake up on their own. In the meantime, just love in the best way you can. Love without judgment. Love without insisting people change. Lead by example.

I once heard that the fastest way to spiritually evolve is to just be kind to each other.
In loving kindness…choose spirit. Choose kindness, even with those you may want to hold a grudge against.

Choose love…..and watch your world and your heart soften.