Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt sad for no apparent reason or even depressed and you hadn’t even gotten out of bed?

Even though I never had been clinically depressed, I would wake up in the morning feeling sad. I had been doing spiritual work for decades and though my moods were good and sometimes great I was still waking up with a sadness that I couldn’t pinpoint.

I remember getting up one morning and just screaming “What the heck is this?”
You see I spent my days listening to positive videos, and spiritual teachers.
I knew I was making ‘progress’ since I was mostly happy….. or was I?

“It was as if there were two of me, my spiritually oriented side longing for truth and my ego side which would do anything to keep me away from that truth. I had to admit the one choice, and possibly the only choice I had was to decide which voice I was going to listen to.

The higher mind’s voice is a soft whisper, the ego’s voice will scream so loud as to take precedence and keep our attention away from the mind of our higher Self. Behind the scenes of our mind are thoughts, ideas, beliefs…the running commentary which, when you really listen to it, rarely has anything uplifting to say.

In Michael A. Singer’s book, “The Untethered Soul”, he talks about the inner roommate. He says, imagine taking your mind out of your body and personify it. Spend a day hanging out with this friend. Let it say what it normally would, all the conflicting messages, confusion, anger and fears.

Listen as this friend tells you what you should and shouldn’t do, then changing its mind to the complete opposite in a flash!

Now….. would you call this friend up the next day and say, “Hey I had a real great time with you, let’s do it again?” Or would you say, “No one speaks to me like that, you’re not a good influence, I don’t want to hang out with you!”

Yet this is the very ‘friend’ we listen to all day long.

Of course, our higher mind can do extremely great things for us in our lives, the voice of inspiration comes from our higher mind when we are willing to listen to it. What I am speaking of is the running commentary of the ego mind that takes us down. It is the ego mind that separates and divides us from others, and even ourselves. The higher mind unites people and brings us to ourselves.

In our world now there is so much division between people across the board. Which voice we listen to is vital, as we are either bringing people together or pulling them apart. In reality, we are either bringing ourself together in peace or we are pulling ourself apart and wondering why there is so much drama in our lives.

As we listen more to our higher mind, we actually bring peace to ourselves and that brings peace to all people. You are either contributing negatively to those around you or positively – there is always a ripple effect.

When we align with our higher mind, we then contribute peace in the world.
How could it not be, as peace would be our contribution to the whole?

So – who are you listening to, anyway?