Sedona Healing Path, Sedona personal growth

The journey to personal growth is a never-ending process. Whereas we can set goals for ourselves to give us sense of direction, their achievement simply means the start of another process of goal-setting. It is human nature to want to fully develop, to grow a lot better than our previous selves. But, the path to inner growth can sometimes be overshadowed by our pursuit of superficial happiness. For many, personal growth is all about having the most wealth in any given geopolitical strata. For the few, inner growth far outweighs any material gains man can ever dream of. It is something that wealth can never buy. And if you’re on a spiritual journey to find meaning, find the one true purpose in your life, then Sedona is the key.

This energy healing community in Arizona is well-known for its spiritual vortexes. These are geologic features that come with an almost mystical power that the empirical sciences cannot truly comprehend nor quantify. Only those who have an open mind and an open heart can truly understand the complex forces that are generated by these energy-giving natural wonders. 

There are three types of spiritual vortexes in Sedona that can help you in your pursuit of inner growth.

Magnetic vortexes, such as those found on Cathedral Rock, provide a soothing, nurturing, and uplifting energy healing. The energy emanating from this area of Sedona is perfect for meditating, reflecting, and contemplating on how your life has been. This helps provide you with a greater understanding of life in general and how you have lived it so far. This is one of the essential elements to a spiritual journey that culminates in the discovery of the most effective means to lasting inner growth. 

Once you’re done contemplating on what needs to be done with your life, how you intend to grow, it is time to find the energy to help you move forward. This time, you head towards Bell Rock or any other geologic feature that spews forth electrical energy. This type of spiritual vortex is all about drawing energy for the future. They help you set your goals and increase your resolve to become a better you. Saying a prayer, doing a yoga, or even performing a ritualistic chant can help send out your petition for inner growth to the Universe. 

Your journey of personal growth doesn’t stop with a visit to these places. You’d have to return and head out to the Airport Mesa to balance out your inner growth. Here, you need to gain clarity of how you envision yourself. You will also need to gain a larger perspective of things so you can accurately picture yourself amidst everything that is occurring around. Lastly, reaffirming your higher vision of your existence can help you set out the course to personal growth with absolute certainty. 

Making Sedona the path in your spiritual journey to your personal growth makes perfect sense. After all, people from different parts of the globe come to Sedona for its mystical energy healing environment. If they can find meaning in their lives, so can you.