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Going on a Sedona trip could very well be the most life-changing experience you will ever have. Whether you already have an idea of what to expect during such road trip or not, you will definitely be leaving this almost-sacred land feeling rejuvenated and enlightened. That’s what people from all corners of the globe bring home after a trip to the famous reddish to orange grounds of this mystical place. And if you’re going on a road trip, make sure to check out these amazing sites.

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross

Rising some 200 feet above the canyon floor, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is an imposing man-made structure amidst a sea of natural wonder. Elegantly built between two pillars of red rock, the Chapel is awe-inspiring, to say the least. It is the ultimate expression of spirituality and architecture with Mother Earth providing the canvas upon which the structure is elegantly painted in immortality. A Sedona trip simply isn’t complete without a stop at this famous landmark. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go inside the chapel itself. Just looking at the imposing structure will already give you a certain sense of oneness with your Creator and with Mother Earth. It’s surreal yet a truly life-changing experience. 

  • Cathedral Rock

Leave your car downtown, hop onto one of the spiritual vortex tours, and get ready to embark on an almost-mystical journey into the metaphysical world. Cathedral Rock is just one of four areas in Sedona that are recognized for its powerful healing vortexes. These phenomena have existed across the Sedona landscape even before the Native Americans began channeling these spiritual energies in their sacred ceremonies. Technically, the entire Sedona area is a powerful spiritual healing vortex, although Cathedral Rock is especially famous for its unique geologic sculpturing. 

  • Montezuma Castle

Don’t ever think that the mighty Aztec civilization of Mexico expanded its empire into this part of North America. While it does bear the name of a great Aztec emperor, the Montezuma Castle is not the remains of an ancient Aztec fortification. Instead, it bears the long-forgotten hunter-gatherer culture of the Sinagua. Actually, Montezuma is not a castle, but rather a series of cliff dwellings built by tribe members some 700 years ago a few hundred feet off the flood plains of this part of Sedona. Twenty rooms housed the Sinagua during their heyday. And while you won’t be able to appreciate the interior of this 5-story earthen apartment complex, you can surely appreciate its splendor from down below. 

  • Bell Rock

This is one place you shouldn’t miss on any Sedona trip. In fact, many spiritual vortex tours will bring you to this equally famous landmark whether to marvel at its awesome bell-shaped geology or to feel invigorated by the immense spiritual energy that emanate from within its reddish façade. 

These are just some of the things you should never miss whenever you head out on a Sedona trip. Whether it is spiritual in nature or simply to marvel at the beauty of Mother Earth, Sedona can make each trip very meaningful.