Beneath Sedona’s endless beauty is an eternally healing heart. It is a place so powerful yet sacred to those who can appreciate its true worth. It’s a natural cathedral without the borders or ornate walls and high ceilings that do nothing to heal the wounded soul. The red rocks that have become the face of Sedona emit energy that many claim can heal any troubled soul. 

Sedona vortex energy is supportive to bringing us back to what is important, it brings us easily inside ourselves for meditation, contemplation and healing. The earth feels very much alive. It is this energy that somehow forms a connection between Mother Earth and those who come and bask in her bountiful healing energy. Be inspired, uplifted, and recharged. These are some of the ultimate goals of people who come visit the Sedona healing fields. 

While many feel the vortex areas are Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Bell Rock, the fact is Sedona is just one big vortex.

It is not important whether you believe in metaphysics or not. A simple visit to the Sedona healing community will still leave you breathless and in awe of the amazing splendor of the place. This is often coupled with a sense of feeling a lot better after making the trip. 

Whether you’re going to attribute this sense of wellness to the healing energies of a Sedona vortex or simply consider the relaxing atmosphere of the place, you cannot argue that the visit somehow ‘changed’ something in you. You can be very objective about it or you can simply accept the reality that there are still forces in this world we truly cannot understand. 

And when it comes to healing energy, no one does it better than Mother Nature herself. And this is epitomized by the Sedona vortex field.